• National Board Certified Coach

    The LAUSD National Board Certified Coach Program is devoted to providing National Board Certified Teachers within the District with a foundation in the research informing effective coaching practice and development of skills in applying the research to a variety of coaching situations.

    Our goal is to build a cadre of teachers who will have an impact on increasing student achievement through providing focused one-on-one and small group support for teachers using evidence-based strategies and the instructional coaching process.  At its core, instructional coaching involves the classroom teacher and the coach examining practical strategies for engaging students and improving their learning through identification and implementation of effective teaching skills.

    The emphasis of this series is on developing knowledge and skills that can be applied toward implementing effective coaching in a variety of different programs.
    NBC Teachers are eligible to attend only ONE series of Coaching Training per year.  Registration for classes is on MyPLN.
    Coaching  and Mentor information tentative Calendar 17 18 Tentative Coaching Calendar
    Online Mentor Log Link:
    Please complete this by the 5th of each month indicating the hours completed in the previous month.  Average time to complete it is 10 minutes.  
    MENTOR INFORMATION MEETING    2 hours reportable under Task 8 for NBC service hours  
    All NBC Teachers planning on serving as a Mentor should plan to attend the Mentor Information Meeting.
    REQUIRED for those who will support teachers serving on a Provisional  or University Intern permit.
     Pre-requisites for all Coaching Training:
    • National Board Certified Teacher or selected as a non-NBC specific Content/Subject Area Mentor
    • Employed at an LAUSD school or affiliated charter
    • 17 18 Mentor Application submitted and approved (to be submitted every five years)
    • Willing to serve as a coach for New Hires, including Provisional Teachers and/or University Interns, as needed (within reasonable geographical distance from your school)  
    • Coaching training is reportable under Task 8 for NBC service hours  
    • A special Task 8 log will be provided during the session.
    • You should plan on attending all sessions, in order.  If you need to miss one session please contact your instructor and plan to make it up the following semester. 
    Online Mentor Log--to be completed monthly
    Mentors who submit all logs online may include 1 hour on their Task 1 log for online submissions.

    Mandatory for mentors for: Provisional, University Interns or TPSL Teachers.  Please select send me a copy of my response and print each month's log.   Sign it and have your mentee sign it.  Include a copy with your log submission.

    Mentors for District Interns:  Complete the District Intern online log.  Request verification of submission to include with log.

    Strongly Recommended, but Optional for Mentors for: Changing Schools, Changing more than 3 grade levels, more than 5 years and supplemental support

     FOUNDATION OF COACHING--24 hours--includes Mentor Information Meeting
    Year 1 Coaching Training:   17 18 Foundations of Coaching Calendar
    COACHING SYMPOSIUM--15 hours    
    Year 2 Coaching Training:   17 18 Coaching Symposium Calendar
    Coaching Symposium is designed for NBC Teachers who have completed Foundations of Coaching Training in a previous year and wish to continue developing knowledge and skills in coaching.
    COACHING SYMPOSIUM 3 is completed online:   Coaching Symposium 3 MyPLN Guidelines
    Year 3 Coaching Training:   Coaching Institute Calendar
    Continues to develop coaching strategies and ongoing support and networking from NBC staff and colleagues for those who have completed Foundations of Coaching and Coaching Symposium in previous years.
    Coaching Institute 3 is online.  Register on MyPLN.     Coaching Institute 3 Online Directions 


    Year 4 Coaching Training:   17 18 Special Topics in Coaching Calendar
    Continues to develop coaching strategies and ongoing support and networking from NBC staff and colleagues for those who have completed Foundations of Coaching, Coaching Symposium and Coaching Institute in previous years.
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