• The Anthem Medicare Preferred (PPO) Medical plan is available to members and their dependents who are over the age of 65 with Medicare Parts A and B.  This 50 state Medicare plan includes enhanced benefits such as no copays, no coinsurance, no deductibles, and offers the same benefits whether you use an in-network or out-of-network provider that accepts Medicare.  For additional information, you may contact Anthem at (833) 277-5221.


    • Effective January 2020, active employees will have an additional retirement savings plan option with the introduction of the new Roth 457(b) plan.  The District offers voluntary retirement savings plans to help supplement your retirement income. The District sponsors both traditional 457(b) and Roth 457(b) plans and also offers a 403(b) plan. Both traditional 457(b) and 403(b) plans allow for the investment of pre-tax earnings which may decrease your taxable income. Roth 457(b) contributions are made with post-tax earnings with the benefit that you may be able to withdraw from your account tax-free when you retire.  Contributions to any of the three plans are made through automatic payroll deductions. You are immediately eligible to contribute to the 457(b), Roth 457(b), and/or the 403(b) plans. To enroll or obtain more information, please visit our Retirement Savings Plans page.  





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