• NBCT 92 Service Hours


     exclamation mark  2017-18 Special Information
    Selected NBC Forms, Policies and Opportunities for the 2017-18 academic school year are posted to facilitate planning. However, please be aware that they are subject to change pending outcomes of negotiations.  Be sure to check back regularly until the negotiations have been concluded.
     Early Start  Early Start Hours
    • Up to 30 hours between the May log due date and the beginning of the new school year.  (see the MENTORS section for TASK 1 guidelines)
    • Tasks 10 is ineligible for Early Start hours
    • Early Start hours will count toward your hours for the new school year.  They should be reported on the regular log and submitted in December or May.
    • Some Special Opportunities may be eligible for additional hours (presenting for Central or Local District Offices)
    • The 2 hour Mentor Information Meeting is required each year (Task 8) for all NBCTs reporting Task 1 hours. Be sure to review the guidelines for submission of logs and for letting the NBC office know about the teacher(s) you are supporting.
    • Task 1 hours may be logged for approximately 2 hours per week beginning 2 weeks before the first day of instruction through the final week of school.   Please remember that it is important to schedule your hours to be able to provide support through the entire school year.
     time money 1  Regular School Year Hours
    Begin once the Principal Assignment Certification (PAC) & Commitment Form/Action Plan have been submitted (Between July 1 and September 30th)--until then only early start hours are available.
     sun time  Newly Certified
    New NBC Teachers become eligible beginning in January after their certification once the Principal Assignment Certification (PAC), Commitment Form/Action Plan and evidence of Certification have been submitted.   (see the forms page of this website)
    Newly Certified NBC Teachers may only submit logs for second semester. 
     changes 1  
    Each NBC Teacher is responsible for knowing and following all guidelines.  Even if you have been an NBC Teacher for years you should review the guidelines for each task that you are planning to put on your log BEFORE you begin the hours. If you are uncertain about any of the guidelines, feel free to ask.  Your NBC Team is always happy to help.
     log page  
    IMPORTANT!   NBC logs are legal documents and must be completed accurately and professionally following all legal and ethical guidelines and policies. They must be submitted by the posted deadline to be eligible for compensation.
    Be sure to review the guidelines for submission and be sure that you have included everything you need, formatted as indicated (current year forms only): 
    1.  log cover page    2. log overview page  3. signed log sheets (all together)   4. required documentation (NO MORE, NO LESS than what is indicated in the guidelines) tabbed to indicate the task
    You must also submit the Online Hours Overview each time you submit your log.  
     view from beaudry
     Submission location (be sure to keep a copy of the log for your records):
    Due Date:  
    1st Semester:  December 12, 2017  
    2nd Semester  May 11, 2018  Newly Certified May 18, 2017
    check to see if there is a Saturday drop off available when the due date draws near 
    • Mail to the Beaudry Building  333 S. Beaudry LA CA 90017 14th Floor  NBC & UI Unit  Attn:  Ana Garcia. Must arrive at our office by 5:00 pm on the due date     OR
    • Drop off at the Beaudry Building  Lobby  3:00-4:45 pm on the due date
    • PENDING--not yet confirmed:  Drop off at Liechty MS (650 S UNION AVE LOS ANGELES, CA 90017 ) Parking Lot--Wilshire entrance on the Saturday after the continuing NBC due date between 9:00 and 11:00 am or after your last session offered by our office there that day