• NBCT 92 Service Hours--General Reminders


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    The Steering Committee has worked to develop some accommodations for NBC Teachers in these unique circumstances.  Please click on the link and read the guidelines.  

    Stay safe and well,  Peggy, Aleeta, Esmerelda and Scott

    Be sure to read all communications to keep updated on current policies and procedures.

    Online log submission course  



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    NBC Forms, Policies and Opportunities for the 2020-21 academic school year are currently posted.  Please be sure to review the general guidelines and the guidelines for each Task you are planning before you begin. Some changes have occurred.
    Be sure to download all logs needed for 2019-20 submissions by the first week of May 2019 as they will be removed to put up the 2020-21 forms for Early Start.  Other than activities occurring the last two weeks your logs should be completed before then....
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    Please note:  NBC staff have worked to be responsive to the many needs of teachers working to compile logs during the submission window.  However, dwindling staff and rising numbers of NBCs are impacting our ability to respond to last minute requests.   For the 2018-19 school year please be aware of the following;

    1.  Pre-approval, when required, MUST be requested in advance of the activity being completed.  We will not be able to approve requests after the fact.

    2.  Be sure to get signatures and compile evidence as you complete each activity. If you find you are missing something try to resolve it as soon as possible after the activity occurred.  Hours can't be processed without the required evidence.

    3. Please try to limit requests during the final two weeks before and after logs are due if possible.  Those are among our most impacted times of the year.

    4.  Although we try to accomodate the needs of each NBC Teacher we must follow the guidelines when reviewing logs.  PLEASE read the guidelines carefully and be sure you are following them.  It causes distress for both the NBC Teacher and the reviewer when hours can't be approved because they don't meet the criteria.

    log page  

    Log Submission

    Be sure to be aware of the log due dates and guidelines for formatting and submitting them.


    Early Start    Early Start Hours
    • Early Start hours are completed at the NBC Teacher's risk.  You must be eligible for NBC hours during the first semester of the new school year to be eligible to report the hours.
    • There is a maximum of 30 hours for Early Start, however, additional hours may be granted for Task 2a special opportunities (the request must be made by the program requesting the work, not the NBC Teacher and must be pre-approved in writing.  The email needs to be placed in the evidence section of the log.)
      • Early Start hours begin the day after the spring log due date
      • Early Start hours end when the PAC and Commitment Form/Action Plan are submitted for the new school year--Regular hours for the school year will begin as soon after July 1st as you submit the required documentation.
      •  (see the MENTORS section for TASK 1 guidelines)
    • Tasks 1-9 are eligible, Task 10 is ineligible for Early Start hours
    • Early Start hours will count toward your hours for the new school year.  They should be reported on the regular log and submitted in December or May.
    Mentor     Mentors:  
    • The 2 hour Mentor Information Meeting is required each year (Task 8) for all NBCTs planning to report Task 1 hours. Register on MyPLN
    • Be sure to review the guidelines for submission of logs--many mentor assignments require submission of online logs each month by the 5th.
    • Many mentor assignments require that the program makes the final assignment--let the NBC office know about the teacher(s) you are supporting/planning to support.
    • Task 1 hours may be logged for approximately 2 hours per week beginning 2 weeks before the first day of instruction through the final week of school.   You may work up to 2 hours per week during summer months, however, please remember that it is important to schedule your hours to be able to provide support through the entire school year.
     time money 1 Regular School Year Hours
    Begin once the Principal Assignment Certification (PAC) & Commitment Form/Action Plan have been submitted (Between July 1 and September 30th)--until then only early start hours are available.
    Please submit the PAC and submit the Commitment Form as soon as possible after July 1st.  There is no reason to wait until the final due date!
     sun time Newly Certified
    New NBC Teachers become eligible to report hours beginning in January after their certification once the Principal Assignment Certification (PAC), Commitment Form/Action Plan and evidence of Certification have been submitted.   (see the forms page of this website).  Hours worked prior to certification are ineligible for NBC compensation.
    Newly Certified NBC Teachers may only submit logs for second semester. 
    Each NBC Teacher is responsible for knowing and following all guidelines.  Even if you have been an NBC Teacher for years you should review the guidelines for each task that you are planning to put on your log BEFORE you begin the hours. If you are uncertain about any of the guidelines, feel free to ask.  Your NBC Team is always happy to help.
     18 19 Task 1 log

    Where are the log pages?! 

    Read the guidelines for the Task you are considering, even if you have been an NBC for years--some guidelines have changed.

    Links to the log pages are at the bottom of the guidelines for that Task.  Be sure to download them and get them signed as you go--formatting has changed for some logs so be sure to take a look before you need them.