NBCT Forms

    Thank you for visiting the forms page of our website.   Please read the following information and be sure to take each step as needed throughout the school year.


    1.  National Board Certification

    • Already certified?   CONGRATULATIONS!
    • Seeking Certification?   Contact Michael de la Torre at mdelatorre@thesupportnetwork.net for information on the certification process and support offered by Los Angeles Unified.


    2.  Notify the NBC office upon Certification and each time you recertify

    • Forward the email confirming your certification/re-certification to peggy.presley@lausd.net.


    3.  Submit the Principal Assignment Certification and Commitment Form/Action Plan Each Year 

            Schoology PAC Class    NEW PROCESS!

    • a. Log in to Schoology using your LAUSD single sign on.     
      • How to Log in and Submit Assignments to Schoology Course (not group)   Access Code 8DBW-CR3F-6PM23     
      • 19 20 Principal Assignment Certification (PAC) Form---You will need to have your class code on the form for it to be accepted --click on the link for a list of class codes  NBC Class Code List
      • The directions and link for the Commitment Form/Action Plan are in the same Schoology class
      • To check and see if we have received your submissions log into the class, then click on 'grades' at the left. 
        • If we have reviewed your submission the Commitment Form/Action Plan will have a score of 1 (complete) if all is well or a comment indicating what needs to be changed. 
        • The PAC will have a score of 100, 50 or 0 based on the percentage of your eligibility.  A score of 1 indicates you need to revise and resubmit.  There will be a comment indicating what needs to be changed if you need to revise in order to have the submission accepted.

                       Newly Certified due dates:   PAC  12/18/19   Commitment Form/Action Plan    1/30/20


    4.  NBC Information Meeting--optional     Mentor Information Meeting--mandatory (annually) if reporting Task 1a-e hours

    • Register on MyPLN   


    5.  Download NBC Logs

         NBC 92 Hours Guidelines and Logs Page

    •  Go to the Guidelines and Logs Page--read everything on the page
    •  Click on the link at the bottom of the page to go to the guidelines page
    •  Read the top of the page then click on the button for each task you are interested in
    •  Read the Task Guidelines carefully and contact your specialist if you have any questions
    • The link for the logs are at the end of the guidelines for that task


    6.  Mentor Forms--For those Assigned or Waiting to be Assigned as a Mentor for Task 1a-e

    •  Mentor Application--Requires Administrator Confirmation and Resume     Complete every 5 years   19 20 NBC MENTOR APPLICATION
    •  Mentor Availability--Indicate that you are available to mentor for the year   19 20 Mentor Availability Form
    •  Mentor Match-Up Form--check the list of mentees to see if there is someone at or near your school waiting for a match-up  Be sure to check if they need a credential alike   match--a code to view the list on Schoology will be sent once you have completed the Mentor Availability Form
    • Online Monthly Mentor Log (by the 5th of each month for all tasks 1a-1e)--19 20 NBC Online Mentor Log


    7.  Complete the Online Hours Overview Each Time You Turn in a Log

    • The online hours overview is required each time you submit your log.


    8.  Prepare Log

    • Be sure to complete each log page you are submitting legibly, completely, and accurately according to the directions
    • Gather signatures and evidence at the time of the activity
    • Be sure to carefully read the guidelines to identify the required evidence and be prepared to submit it with your log
    • Log Preparation Guidelines


    9.  Submit Log


    • Important News:  We urge you to read and follow all guidelines!!!   Due to increasing numbers of incredible NBC Teachers and limited staff we will not be able to process logs that are incomplete, missing evidence or don’t follow the guidelines for the 2019-20 school year. NBC Teachers will not have the opportunity to remedy the missing information/documentation once the log is submitted.
    • Due dates:   Fall    November 22, 2019       Spring   May 8, 2020   (Newly Certified May 15, 2020)

    Exclamation Point Submit on Schoology

    School or Public Mail

    Beaudry Building  Drop off

    Drop off at Liechty MS

    ·   piloting online submissions

    ·   seeking a 25/LD min for pilot

    ·  will accept all volunteers. 

    Register at Online Log Submission Pilot to be invited

    ·   Must arrive at our office by 5:00 pm on the due date

    ·   333 S. Beaudry LA CA 90017 14th  Floor

    ·   Teacher Development and Support Branch

    ·   Attn:  Ana Garcia

    •   Lobby  3:15-4:45 pm on the due date (spring only)

    •   Early submission-up to two weeks before deadline-request to go to 14th  floor

    Bring valid ID

     (650 S UNION AVE LOS ANGELES, CA 90017 )

    ·Last TLL Conference of the Semester

    •  9-11 am parking lot, Wilshire entrance or

    •  After last NBC session—log submission table












    NBC Teachers are responsible for notifying NBC staff when there are changes to eligibility status, assignment or personal information related to NBC documentation or processing of compensation.  The program is not automatically notified when chainges are made through other district offices.

    Please complete the information at this link to alert us of changes in personal information or assignment.  Change of Information Form

    The following forms need to be submitted by teachers with special circumstances (COMING SOON):

    • The CHANGE IN STATUS form is required for teachers who will leave or rejoin eligibility for NBC compensation (change in position, leave of absence, retirement, etc.)
    • The INFORMATION  UPDATE form is required for teachers who need to share important changes such as address or name changes.