CalSTRS Retirees

  • Thank you for your interest in continuing to serve our students as a substitute.  

    Please note that re-employment is contingent on current District needs, as well as meeting current District requirements.

    Retired LAUSD teachers who seek re-employment with the District as a substitute teacher may go through a modified hiring process in four stages:

    • For those retiring after January 1, 2013, state law requires that a retired teacher, regardless of age, must wait 180 calendar days before returning to work in a CalSTRS-compensated position.   
      • During this time period, retirees should obtain the documents that will be requested in Step 3.  
      • For more information about regulations on working after retirement, please go to the CalSTRS website.
    • Complete the online application
      • For your online application, please complete the required fields (marked with an asterisk *) as best you can.  
      • On the Attributes screen, please note that you are a District retiree, and provide your retirement start date.
      • Please contact us if you need any assistance with the online application.
    • Human Resources will contact you to schedule a brief interview at the District headquarters, during which the following documents will be requested: 
      • Reference from your last supervisor (using the electronic reference form in the online application). 
        • Other references may be submitted.  
        • Additional references may be required. 
      • CalSTRS Award letter (SR 1210.1) stating your official retirement date.
    • If you are approved for employment, the following documents will also be required on a subsequent visit:
      • HR 8457 Certificate of Medical Exam (dated within the last six months from date of rehire)
      • HR 8459 TB Clearance (dated within the last 60 days from date of rehire)
      • Form 503-708 LA County Schools Employment Authorization for Retirant
      • Employment eligibility documents (e.g. unexpired U.S. passport OR Driver License and Social Security Card).  

     Please keep the following information in mind when applying for a day-to-day substitute position:


    Substitute availability 

    All substitutes must be available for a minimum of two consecutive days. You must be available to substitute at all schools in your selected calling area(s); you will not be able to restrict yourself to specific locations.


    Substitute Pay Scale 

    The current daily substitute rate is $190.97 ($257.73 for an extended assignment).  Please see the Certificated Substitute Unit at for the latest salary information and details. 

    CalSTRS imposes an earnings limit on returning retirees. Exceeding this limit may adversely impact your CalSTRS retirement benefits. Please check with CalSTRS for current earnings limit.

    If you have any questions contact:

    Randy Murphy, Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Phone:  (213) 241-5300