Dawn Watkins, Director

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    Absence Management


    The Attendance Program was established in 2004 in order to support the  Superintendent's staff attendance goal. The program accomplishes this by  (a) collecting and analyzing data, and (b) developing strategies and tactics designed to  improve staff attendance, as well as reduce the costs and impact of absenteeism. 
    The District's Staff Attendance Goal has two factors: an individual and a collective measure.
    • The District-wide Staff Attendance Goal is for every employee to achieve at least 96% attendance, meaning the employee is at work at least 96% of their scheduled time. (Individual goal)
    • The FY 2018-19 District-wide Staff Attendance Goal for every work location is to ensure that at least 80% of employees at each location meet the 96% attendance goal.    (Collective goal) 


     Attendance  Matters.  Los Angeles Unified (LAUSD) is committed to encouraging every employee to be at work each day.

    Several local sports teams are working with LAUSD to help improve attendance.  Please watch the video below and learn more about the District's partnerships with the Rams, Dodgers, Sparks, Clippers, Galaxy, Kings and the L.A. Football Club to encourage student and staff attendance.

    Each month, staff with improved attendance - including those who already have perfect attendance - will be entered into a drawing.  Two hundred students and 50 employees will win tickets every month.  Each winner will receive two tickets, allowing them to enjoy the games with a guest.

      Attendance Matters