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     Workers' Comp

     Workers' Compensation


    The Workers’ Compensation program provides state mandated benefits to LAUSD employees who sustain a work related injury/illness, without regard to fault. LAUSD is self-insured which means that the District, not an insurance company pays for the actual costs of claims. The District contracts with a third party administrator for the management of its claims.

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    Additional WC Contact Information

    Acts of Violence                         

    Sandra Hornback


    (213) 241-3966

    To Request Workers' Compensation Training

    Juan Gonzalez Jr.


    (213) 241-3839

    Medical Provider Network

    Sara Ortiz


    (213) 241-3967

    Sedgwick Claims Management Services

    Customer Service


    (818) 265-3200




    (866) 247-2287


    TTY: (213) 241-6882
    Fax: (213) 241-6778
    For more information regarding the Workers' Compensation program, you may leave us a message at (213) 241-3138 or email us at workerscompensation@lausd.net.