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STEP UP and Teach: Supporting Teacher Education Preparation and Undergraduate Program

  • Welcome to STEP UP and Teach: Supporting Teacher Education, Preparation and Undergraduate Program!

    STEP UP and Teach provides guidance and support to LAUSD paraeducators who desire to become teachers.  Any District paraprofessional in a job class within Unit B or Unit F may apply for the STEP UP and Teach program
    STEP UP and Teach provides:
                   A) Mentoring in regards to academic pathways, credential requirements and teacher preparation programs
                   B) Financial assistance up to $8,000 annually for education and credentialing expenses
                        i) Partial Tuition Reimbursement -- $300/unit for grade of B- or better at 4-year college/university
                        ii) Textbook reimbursement
                        iii) Other required university fees and expenses
                        iii) Credential Testing (e.g. CBEST, CSET and RICA) fees and test preparation vouchers and/or reimbursements
                        iv.) Other credentialing expenses, including livescan and foreign transcript evaluations
                        v.) Technology allowance up to $500 annually (Justification required)
                  C) Professional Development opportunities 
    There are now three STEP UP and Teach cohorts focusing on different high need teaching areas.  
    • Special Education (SPED) -  focuses on District paraprofessionals in Unit B or Unit F who desire to become Special Education Teachers.  Please note:  Early Childhood Special Education, Speech and Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy are no longer included as areas of high need for teachers and will no longer be supported credential goals for new members beginning with the 2019-2020 cohort. 
    • Multilingual and Multicultural (MM) - targets bilingual Teacher Assistants, Instructional Aides and Education Aides whose goal it is to obtain a teaching credential with a bilingual authorization.
    • New icon Science & Mathematics (STEM) - seeks any District Paraeducator pursuing a credential in Science or Mathematics.

Ready to STEP UP and Teach? Apply now!


    STEP UP and Teach applications are accepted on a year round basis.  Please note that ALL steps must be completed in order for an application to be considered complete and be reviewed. Applications are reviewed based on multiple factors including academic performance, principal recommendation, attendance, and goal credential. Completed applications will be reviewed monthly and in the order received.  Eligible applicants will be added to the STEP UP and Teach cohort as space becomes available.


    To apply for the STEP UP program:  (Be sure to complete BOTH Steps)

    Step 1) Complete the online application form

    A)  Choose a cohort:

    Special Education (SPED) Cohortgo.teachinla.com/STEPUPSPED 

     Apply to SPED


    Multilingual and Multicultural (MM) Cohortgo.teachinla.com/STEPUPMM 

     Apply to MM


    Science & Math (STEM) Cohort: go.teachinla.com/STEPUPSTEM

    Apply to STEM


      B) You may use any email address/Google account to complete the online application, however, your LAUSD email address will be used as the official communication for the program. 

      C) Be sure to review the STEP UP and Teach Policy Guide to assist in the completion of the application.  The policy guide does NOT need to be signed or submitted at this time.

      D) Transcripts – have transcripts ready to upload during the completion of the application.

                1) Upload copies of most recent transcripts during the application process

                2) Transcripts for the STEP UP and Teach application may be unofficial or opened official transcripts

                3) If using foreign transcripts, please include the transcript evaluation if already completed


    Step 2) Principal Recommendation

      A) Download the STEP UP and Teach Principal Recommendation Form

      B) Fill out Section 1 for the applicant

      C) Submit the form to your School Site Principal or Site Supervisor/Teacher

      D) If the Site Supervisor/Teacher completes the Recommendation Form, the Principal Endorsement is also required

      E) The Evaluator should submit the completed document with requested signatures to the Career Ladder Office by uploading to teachinla.com/ladderdocs.


Career Ladder Document Submission

  • The following link has been created to streamline submission of documents to the Career Ladder.


    Please scan documents into a single pdf when possible. A received receipt will automatically be issued.


    Why use this form?

    Immediate receipt of documents and receive a submission receipt in your email.

    Retain originals for your records.


    What to submit?

    Applicants: Submit copies of transcripts

    Principals: Submit STEP UP/ BOOST Recommendation Forms

    STEP UP and Teach Members: submit tuition reimbursement requests with supporting documents, test scores, RISEs, etc.

    BOOST Members: Submit reimbursement requests, BOOST Classroom Observations, etc.