A message from Board President Mónica García

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    Fifty years ago, Chicano student leaders from the historic Eastside region of Los Angeles demonstrated the power of nonviolent resistance through El Movimiento, part of the Latino civil rights movement for sociopolitical empowerment, and raised consciousness of the Mexican-American experience in the U.S.

    From March 1 to March 8, 1968, approximately 15,000 students walked out of classes from Wilson, Garfield, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Belmont, and other Los Angeles high schools, demanding adequacy, equity, and cultural relevancy from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

    They sought educational justice.

    Today, the student walkouts continue to be a significant moment in U.S., Latino, and education history. We are grateful for the actions and courage by youth for systemic accountability. Since then, this District has made progress by increasing graduation rates to 80 percent, investing more than 13 billion dollars in school repair, modernization, and construction, and integrating a student-centered Kids First approach. As was true then, there is still more work to do.

    Fifty years from now, in 2068, our community remembers every individual that fought for civil rights and envisions a

    Los Angeles where every child is prepared for and has access to the college and career of their choice, and, is a productive and self-fulfilled member of our society.

    Welcome to Vision 2068!

    In In the spirit of hope,

    School Board President Mónica García 


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