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  • The College and Career Indicator (CCI) shows how many students graduate from high school better prepared for college or a career.  It uses many different measures of college and career preparedness, looking at the courses students completed in high school or the exams passed.  The indicator is used to determine students in the 4-year graduation cohort who are Prepared, Approaching Prepared or Not Prepared for college and career. This indicator is designed to encourage high schools to provide all students with a rigorous broad course of study that will lead to likely success after graduation.

  • Status and Change

    Status and Change will not be reported in the 2018 Dashboard.

  • Five-by-Five

    The five-by-five grid combines status and change to determine an overall performance level for each indicator, with equal weight applied to both status and change. To learn more about the five-by-five grids, visit the CDE’s California School Dashboard Five-by-Five Colored Tables page.

    Status is in the first column and Change is across the top row. The intersection of the two determines the color performance level for the indicator.


    CCI Cut Scores for Status


    Percent of Prepared Students

    Very High

    70% or more


    55% to less than 69.9%


    35% to less than 54.9%


    10% to less than 34.9%

    Very Low

    9.9% or lower


    CCI Levels of Change

    Change from Prior Year

    Percent of Change

    Increased Significantly

    Increased by 9% or more


    Increased by 2% to 8.9%


    Declined or increased by 1.9% or less


    Declined by 2% to 9%

    Declined Significantly

    Declined by 9.1% or more



    How It’s Calculated

    The College/Career Indicator (CCI) measures the percentage of students in the four-year graduation cohort who are "Prepared", "Approaching Prepared", and "Not Prepared" for postsecondary education.

    The Dashboard will report on Status and Change for the first time in the 2018-2019 school year.

    Status is based on the graduates in the current year who performed at the "Prepared" level divided by the number of students in the cohort.

    Changes is the difference between the current cohort and the prior cohort.

    The CCI is calculated using the following measures:

    • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments
    • Advanced Placement (AP) exams
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) exams
    • Completion of College Credit Courses (Dual Enrollment)
    • Completion of courses that meet the University of California admissions requirements (e.g., a-g)
    • Completion of a Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway
    • Attaining the State Seal of Biliteracy (new for 2018)
    • Leadership/Military Science coursework (new for 2018)


    DASS Schools

    For DASS status, the DASS graduation rate will be used as a base for CCI calculations

    DASS Schools Status and Change

    (Status) The number of Graduates (as defined in the DASS graduation rate) in the Class of 2018 who Performed "Prepared" on the CCI Model divided by the total number of student in DASS Graduation Rate for the Class Of 2018 Current Year Status minus the Prior Year Status (Change)


    Learn More About This Indicator

    To learn more about the College and Career indicator, see pages 72-89 of the California Department of Education’s California School Dashboard Technical Guide - Final Version.



    For questions about College and Career data submitted to the California Department of Education, contact the State Reporting Services Branch at 213-241-2450.

    Last updated 2018-12-14


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