• NBCT 92 Service Hours Special Opportunities

    National Board Certified Teachers have the opportunity to be compensated for up to 92 hours of service aligned to District priorities and initiatives. Please click the links below for further information on guidelines and documentation.  Continuing NBC Teachers may log hours between July 1st and early May each year.  Newly certified teachers become eligible beginning in January after their certification.   Both continuing and newly certified teachers must have their Principal Assignment Certification and Commitment Form/Action Plan on file to be eligible (see the forms page of this website).

    These are eligible for hours to be reported under Task 2a

         Request for addition to NBC Teacher Pre-Approved 92 Service Hour Opportunities


    Special Opportunities for earning hours may arise each year.  They will be posted here for your reference.  All Special Opportunities are to be reported as Task 2a hours.  If there is a special log posted be sure to use it.  Please remember:
    • Special Opportunities are offered only for the year they are posted.  It must be in the current year's listing to be eligible. 
    • Please be sure to look at the due date for any applications.  Opportunities will remain listed after they are no longer accepting additional applications so that they will be eligible for Task 2a.
    • Be sure to complete the selection process.  Your name must be on the list provided to the NBC office in order to be eligible for hours for any of the Special Opportunities.
     Office        Opportunity  Contact  Due Date
    Teacher Support Unit  see NBCT Coaching page for Mentor Information Meeting and Coaching Training overview & schedules  aleeta.powers@lausd.net  2nd Friday of each Month
    Applications Processed Monthly
    Teacher Support Unit

    PD, Lesson Plan, Video

    aleeta.powers@lausd.net 15 days after TLL conference
    Teacher Support Unit    coming soon  
    District Intern Program
    Credential Curriculum Development, Instructors, Facilitators, Mentors
     patricia.pernin@lausd.net  closed for new applications
    Educational Development & Support: Teachers (EDST) 

    18 19 EDS:T Special Opportunity

    18 19 EDS:T Log

    logs for EDST hours may only be submitted 2nd semester

     due date Sept. 7, 2018

    Division of Instruction--Physical Education Department

    Div of Instruction--Office of Phys. Ed.--Curriculum Dev

    Application:   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc3X6euYJfrxm3bTFhUe-Ipyj4SZbn6OpWLUGDM_B76I8awiQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

    John Kruse  jlk6641@lausd.net TBD
     Still available for Task 2a but no longer accepting new applicants
     Office        Opportunity  Contact  Due Date
    Teacher Support Unit  NBC Presenter Options  
    17 18 NBC Presenter Option Selection 
    Magnet Proposal Reader

     Magnet Proposal Reader


    New Teacher Summer Institute Presenter   
     interest survey link:       Link to submit 2018 NTSI Proposal
    Lalaine Tan  ltan3@lausd.net  
    March 2, 2018
     District Intern Program      
    District Textbook Adoption Committee
    Participate in the District level Textbook Adoption Committee.  Must be appointed by UTLA or the Local District Superintendent.
    Candace Seale
     closed for new applicants
    Asian Pacific and Other Languages (APOLO)/Dual Language Office Dual Language District-wide Curriculum Development  anne.kim@lausd.net closed to new applications
     LD West K-12 Celebratory Showcase 
    Planning & Facilitation
    Betsy Rubino
     LD Northeast K-12 Celebratory Showcase 
    Planning & Facilitation
    Betsy Rubino
    closed  to new applicants
    Local District East  LD East Saturday Quality Planning Network  tiffany.khauo@lausd.net  closed  to new applicants 
    Arts Integration Branch  
     Facilitator/Co-Teacher for Arts Integration Salary Point Class June 2017
    Shana Habel
    closed to new applicants
    Project Based Learning/ Differentiation Presenter

    Rosewood Elementary School

    One NBC Teacher to present a 6 hour professional development session for the school.   Either full day project based learning or 3 hours project based learning and 3 hours differentiation strategies.

    Linda Crowder, Principal


    any one day between July 30 and August 10