University Intern


    Information on this page is being updated.   Look for revised information the second week of July.

    For more information on support options and requirements contact

    The Los Angeles Unified School District provides support for teachers hired to teach on a University Intern Permit who must meet the terms of their employment contract in addition to meeting the responsibilities of their teaching position.
    • Remain in good standing with the District and your school 
    • Attend
    • LAUSD New Teacher Orientation (prior to signing contract)
    • University Intern Information Session
    • University Intern Mid-Program Check-in
    • University Intern End of Program Check-in
    • Complete the University Intern Support online requirements on MyPLN--you should be enrolled and see it on your transcript  (if not, contact for assistance)
    • Work with the District assigned Mentor Teacher 
    • Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)--Personalized Program Plan & Dispositions
    • Complete all requirements to remain in good standing with the Intern Program you are participating in
    • Monitor LAUSD email regularly and respond to all LAUSD requests for information in a timely manner

    Memorandum of Understanding

    Each teacher hired on an Intern Permit is expected to sign the Memorandum of Understanding which includes the Personalized Program Plan and Dispositions.

    Online Contact Form

    Each teacher hired on a an Intern Permit needs to complete an Online Contact Form.

    MyPLN Registration

    Register on MyPLN  ( for ALL of the following:
    • University Intern Support
    • University Intern Information Session  (select a date within 60 days of beginning your contract)
    • University Intern Mid-Program Check-in  (select a date near the mid-point of your program)
    • University Intern End of Program Meeting  (select a date near the completion of your Intern program)
    • Giancarlo Mercado Presents   (waived if your University provides verification that you are completing the 45 hours of EL training with them)

    Mentor Teacher 

    The state requires that all teachers hired on a University Intern Permit work with a District assigned Mentor.  

    Induction Program

    Once you have completed your intern program requirements you will need to be accepted into an Induction Program to complete your clear credential requirements.

    Professional Development Opportunities

    A salary point class is  available. Click on the link for more information. 17 18 New Hire Support for Teachers Salary Point Class Overview