Building Educator Assessment Literacy (BEAL) Resource 

    WestEd and the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) developed the Understanding Proficiency (http://understandingproficiency.wested.org/)  website to expand teacher learning about Smarter Balanced performance tasks  (summative and interim assessments). This website makes available to all schools the designed learning experiences that WestEd and SCALE originally developed for their Building Educator Assessment Literacy (BEAL) workshops. Central to these online resources are samples of real student work on the Smarter Balanced Practice Test ELA/Literacy performance tasks.


    The Division of Instruction, Secondary Literacy/ELA team in partnership with the Local District Secondary Literacy/ELA Coordinators developed facilitator training screencasts (one overview and five learning modules) to provide context and elaboration on what professional development facilitators will find on the Understanding Proficiency website. The screencasts explain the general functions and features of the Understanding Proficiency learning modules, and how to best provide and prepare for their facilitation.


    Understanding Proficiency: Facilitator Screencasts

    The screencasts are designed to prepare facilitators for using the Understanding Proficiency training resources. The screencasts are not designed to be used as presentation material in professional development sessions. 
    It is highly recommended that the "Overview" is viewed first before viewing any of the other screencasts. 
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