Provisional Teacher Support

  • Provisional Intern Permits and Short Term Staff Permits

    Information on this page is being updated.   Look for revised information the end of the third week of July.
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    Teachers hired to teach on a Provisional Intern Permit or a Short Term Staff Permit must meet the terms of their employment contract in addition to meeting the responsibilities of their teaching position.
    • Remain in good standing with the District and your school 
    • Attend
    • Provisional Information Meeting
    • Provisional Mid-Program Check-in
    • Provisional End-of-Program Meeting
    • Work with the District assigned mentor teacher 
    • Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)--Personalized Program Plan & Dispositions
    • Register for and attend CSET Prep classes (optional, but highly recommended
    • Pass subject matter competency via (CSET) or secondary subject matter waiver unless you are on a subject area waiver (APE; SLP; ECE)
    • Enter an Intern Program (District or University once eligible)




    Select the date you will attend the Provisional Information Meeting (should be within 30 days of beginning contracted position), Provisional Mid-Program Meeting and Provisional End-of-Program Meeting.   Register on MyPLN.

    17 18 Provisional Meeting Calendar


    Memorandum of Understanding

    Each teacher hired on a Provisional Intern Permit or Short Term Staff Permit is expected to sign the Memorandum of Understanding which includes the Personalized Program Plan and Dispositions.

    CSET Preparation Classes

    There are many options for taking classes that will prepare you for the CSET modules that you need to take.  Test prep classes are optional but highly recommended in order to increase your chance of success.  
    CSET Results Dates--Be sure to select a test date that will allow you to submit your results before your permit and contract expire
    • The following Universities have agreed to offer free CSET Preparation to teachers who plan to enter their intern program. 
      • California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH)     CSUDH CSET FLYER
      • California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA)            CSULA CSET PREP
      • California State University, Northridge (CSUN)
    • The District will reimburse participants for the following Test Prep Courses--Click on the links for further information about each option


    CSET Prep Class Access

    LAUSD will provide reimbursement for the fees required for the LAUSD CSET Prep Classes and the approved online course.  Teachers will pay the fee for each class then submit the Provisional Teacher CSET Reimbursement form, evidence of course completion and the receipt for payment of fees.

    CSET Exam Vouchers

     The District will provide reimbursement for CSET Module during the course of any of the CSET Preparation Classes listed above.

    Mentor Teacher

    The state requires that all teachers hired on a Provisional Intern Permit or Short Term Staff Permit work with a District assigned Mentor.  
    There is no mandatory paperwork to be completed other than updating the Online Profile and Personalized Program Plan and notifying the District of changes in your status.  The Mentor will assist you with acclimating to the school and district, classroom set-up, district priorities and initiatives, home/school communication and lesson planning as appropriate for each individual teacher.  

    Intern Program--District or University

    Once you have completed your subject matter competency requirements you will need to be accepted into an Intern Program.  Either the District Intern Program or a University Intern Program will meet this requirement.

    Professional Development Opportunities

    A salary point class is  available. Click on the link for more information.  18 19 New Hire Salary Point Class