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    The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements on a monthly basis. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - May 15, 2019

    Posted by The MiSiS Team on 5/15/2019

    The following items have been updated/fixed in MiSiS:


    • Several changes have been made to the Contact Information Screen (Enrollment > Contact Information):
      • A new field, Release To, has been added.  This field is used to indicate if the child may be released to the emergency contact. 
      • The Contact Name field has been split into three fields - First, Middle, and Last Name. 
      • The current Contact Name field will be removed from the screen. 
    • Birth Country field is no longer a required field on the Enrollment screen.  
    • A new field, Legal Sex, has been added to the Enrollment screen.  Non Binary is now available in the dropdown values for Legal Sex and Gender.  Legal Sex field is defined as a person’s assigned sex at birth.
    • The Address and Phone Number Search has been added to the District Limited Read user role. 


    • At Elementary Schools, teacher access to the Unresolved Absence screen has been corrected to only allow updating of absence reason codes for the current, plus four previous, instructional days.  
    • The Attendance Referral Reports now displays the student’s primary address instead of the mailing address. 
    • The Uncleared Absences Report now displays the current teacher on the list portion of the report. 


    • The Elementary Schools CCS Report Card now displays the correct teacher name on page 2 for students who have transferred to a different school during the Grade Reporting Period.
    • A new date field has been added to the Elementary Schools Retention Warning screen that is a required entry in order to document when the Kindergarten Continuance Form was filed for kindergarten students who will be retained.

    Graduation Standards 

    • The overall ‘Eligible for Graduation’ indicator now correctly displays 'Yes’ for students who have the ‘CDE Only’ option and have completed all of the CDE Requirements.

    Special Education Placement Option Portal

    • The Local District and Miles will now display on the Program Options screen.  Miles refers to the “fly over distance” between the student’s School of Residence and the school offering the program option.

    State Reports

    • The Elementary Statistical/SMASR now properly accounts students who are already five years of age upon enrollment in grade level TE as TE ADA (i.e., ADA-generating students).

    Student Support

    • The Intervention and Counseling Communication screens are now available for summer school. 

    Student Testing

    • The PFT Mass Score Entry screen now allows the teacher/designee to submit all selected student records. 

    Summer School

    • The Summer School Confirmation Letter may be generated by the sending or receiving school.  Summer School Student Report includes new columns, including current school of enrollment, scheduled, and waited listed courses.


    • The High School Transcript Report now displays the correct home address for students who have multiple parent/guardian addresses.
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  • Elementary School Scheduling - May 2, 2019

    Posted by The MiSiS Team on 5/2/2019

    The elementary rollover process has been completed for the 2019-2020 school year. Continuing students have been rolled over into the next grade level.  Schools may now create new sections and assign to teachers and students for the next year.  Refer to the Elementary Rollover and Scheduling Process on the MiSiS website under the job aids link – https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/5659

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