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    The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements on a monthly basis. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - January 30, 2019

    Posted by The MiSiS Team on 1/30/2019

    The following items have been updated/fixed in MiSiS:


    • The Parent/Guardian screen will now allow a parent/guardian to be entered without a Phone Notification (Attendance, Emergency, General) if the student already has a parent/guardian with notification numbers.
    • The abbreviation for Creek has been changed from “CR” to “CK”.


    • The Counseling Planning Sheet and Elementary Reorganization reports will now display ELPAC test results.


    • The Initial Notification of Truancy Letters will not be mailed centrally and Truancy Letter 2 and 3 have been disabled from the Student Truancy Letter reports screen until further notice. The District is working to ensure that absences during the work stoppage will not be included in truancy-related reports.
    • The Update Attendance screen, located on the student profile Attendance tab, has been modified to include a Verified column.  This checkbox will be enabled when a student is marked absent in all, but one class, where they were marked as present, tardy, left early, or absent with a reason code of present or the attendance was not submitted. Once the teacher has signed the Discrepancy Memo verifying the student was truly present, users with the Office Manager, Principal, and Counselor roles may check off the Verified checkbox for the corresponding date. This date will be excluded from appearing on the Teacher Discrepancy report.
    • The Update Attendance, Manage Attendance, and Manage Teacher/Class Attendance screens have been modified to restrict users from updating suspension and school emergency reason codes:
    • Users with the Office Manager, Principal, and Discipline Designee roles will be able to update reason codes 4I: In-School Suspension and SC: Suspended Class to any status and reason code.
    • If an appeal has been entered and the appeal decision is to Uphold the suspension, users will not be able to update the attendance status nor the reason codes.
    • If the appeal decision is Overturn, reason code 5: Administrator Approval-Justifiable Personal Reasons will be automatically updated for the corresponding suspension days.
    • If the appeal decision is to modify the suspension days, reason code 5: Administrator Approval-Justifiable Personal Reasons will be automatically updated for the dates that are no longer within the suspension dates.

    English Learner

    • The Annual EL Letter will display Initial ELPAC test results.
    • The RFEP Monitoring Roster will accurately display SBAC data.


    • Invalid test scores will display for GATE Office Admin user role.


    • The Retention Warning Notices screen for Elementary School students has been enhanced with the following features:
    • Retention Warning Notices can no longer be added for TK students.
    • The option to select ‘May be Retained’ in the 3rd Grading Period has been added.
    • When a kindergarten student is selected as 'Will be Retained', a popup message will now display that the ‘Kindergarten Continuance Form’ is required.
    • The columns 'Created by' and ‘Created Date' has been added to saved records.
    • The CCS grades of students from prior schools can now be viewed by the Office Staff at the new schools.
    • The rules for calculating the 'CSU GPA', 'UC (W) GPA', 'UC (Capped) GPA', 'Financial Aid (Initial) GPA', and 'Financial Aid (Post) GPA' have been updated such that the grade level associated to the course is no longer used. The rule was updated to use the Academic School Year associated to the course.
    • The Manage Grades by Class CCS Screen will now display the 'Grades Submitted' reflecting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, as appropriate.

     Graduation Standards

    • The Graduation Standards Details Screen will now display ‘Courses Needed’ under the ‘Required Courses’.


    • The Manage Groups screen has been enhanced to allow employees with school access to be available in the Group Leader dropdown.  This will include employees such as PSA counselors who want to be assigned as group leaders.


    • Two new fields, SRQ Received Date and Verification Type, have been added to the Homeless screen.
    • Homeless Student Roster now includes the SRQ Received Date and Verification Type

     Linked Learning/CTE

    • Start Date and End Date for Industry Sector/Career Pathway now defaults.  Start Date defaults to 7/1 and the end date defaults to 6/30


    • Users will now have the ability to set default access on the Landing Page. If you have multiple user roles, you can set your default to the user role you use most often. The job aid is posted on the MiSiS website: https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/15601.

     Student Support

    • The SSPT Follow-up Meeting report no longer displays a blank when a Meeting Participant is added as “Other”.
    • The Suspension screen has been modified to allow users with access to appeal suspensions, to update the Suspension Effective Date and the Suspension End Date when the suspension appeal decision is to modify the suspension days.

     Student Testing

    • The ELPAC Coding Roster will now display students’ previous grade level tested.


    • The Experimental Courses can now be manually added at authorized schools, to the students’ Transcripts records when selecting the ‘Out of District’ option.



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  • MiSiS Updates - December 21, 2018

    Posted by The MiSiS Team on 12/21/2018

    The following items have been updated/fixed in MiSiS:


    • The Walk-In Scheduling screen has been enhanced to prevent the scheduling of elementary students in a school different from their school of enrollment; the screen will prevent the overlapping of sections for elementary students.


    • The Update Attendance screen, located under the Attendance tab, no longer displays an error message.
    • The Pupil Services Administrator user role now has access to the Attendance Referral Report.
    • The Attendance Not Submitted reports for regular and continuation schools now displays the principal’s name on the Teacher’s Discrepancy Memo.

    English Learner

    • The English Learner Rosters, the Master Plan Roster and Label, and the EL Student Schedule Summary report have been updated to include the Initial ELPAC test results.
    • A new column has been added to The EL Progress Profile Report, EL Rosters, and EL Student Schedule Summary report to identify newcomers.


    • The CA Content Standards Elementary Schools Report Card can now be generated for any Elementary School student directly from the student profile via Academics > Reports > Elem Schools Report Card – CCS.

    Student Support

    • Users with access to the SSPT referral screen can now submit multiple SSPT Intervention Plans.
    • Users with edit access to the suspension screen are no longer able to edit suspension dates.

    Student Testing

    • The ELPAC Coding Roster will now display students in grade K.
    • The PFT Mass Entry screen will reflect the 9th grade Fitness testing information from the 17-18 school year.



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