• Board Approves Schmerelson Resolution Opposing Weaker Title IX Sexual Harassment Regulations


    Title IX Reso speakers

    Students Charlotte AgnielNicole ChodorAlejandra Avalos and Isabella Tapia spoke before the Board which approved the resolution sponsored by Board Member Schmerelson. opposing weaker Title IX Sexual Harassment Regulations.


    LOS ANGELES (Sept. 15, 2020) – The Board of Education went on record to oppose recent changes to Title IX regulations that could discourage sexual harassment complaints. Los Angeles Unified will implement the new federal rules, according to the resolution sponsored by Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson, along with other relevant policies and laws that will provide investigative and grievance procedures to protect all students and employees in their learning and work environments and ensure nondiscrimination and a safe, supportive school climate. 


    Title IX is a civil rights law that bars discrimination on the basis of sex, which can include sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault, in educational institutions that received federal support. 


    “I am pleased to introduce a resolution that opposes the current Title IX regulations and proposes new standards for Los Angeles Unified that will maintain the safest and fairest process free of any type of discrimination for all students regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual preference,” Board Member Schmerelson said. “It is my hope that this resolution would be the first step towards updating mandatory policies and trainings so that all District stakeholders know what to do, to properly report a situation as well as provide the necessary supports for students and staff during any investigation.”


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