• The California NGSS Framework provides guidance on the new standards and helpful resources to make science accessible to all students Click here for the framework


    • Optional Middle School instructional resources are now available here.


    • Optional High School instructional resources are now available here.


    • Optional Interim Assessments for Science are now available here 


    •  Professional Development Module is available for science departments and grade level meetings to support the implementation of NGSS. The goal of the module is guide teachers to develop NGSS aligned units. Click on this link to access the module.


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    The Los Angeles Unified School District is transitioning to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), adopted by the State Board of Education in September, 2013. See Implementation Timeline.  Teachers are encouraged to attend professional development provided by the Local Districts and bring the materials to schools to discuss with colleagues and collaborate to explore the new standards. The focus should be on grasping the shifts of NGSS and on modifying lessons so students are engaged in the 3 dimensional learning (3D Learning) of the Science and Engineering Practices, The Disciplinary Core Ideas, and The Crosscutting Concepts.

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