Strike information and school updates from Los Angeles Unified
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    This page is currently archived for informational purposes only. For the latest news, please visit this page.

  • Frequently asked questions

  • During the strike, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions from our school communities:


    What is this strike about? When is this strike going to happen?

    Los Angeles Unified is in separate contract negotiations with SEIU Local 99 and UTLA. The union representing District support staff such as custodians, aides, bus drivers and paraprofessionals – SEIU Local 99 – has announced its intention to hold a three-day strike beginning March 21 through March 23, 2023. Los Angeles Unified has made a historically generous offer to SEIU Local 99 which exceeds local, state and national comparisons. The District has also indicated this offer is a starting point and there is further room for negotiation.

    The union representing our teachers and other instructional and mental health staff – United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) – has advised their members to support their SEIU colleagues, which means teachers may also not be available to provide classroom instruction. Negotiations with UTLA are ongoing.

    We are doing everything we can to reach an agreement that is equitable, fiscally responsible and reflects the dignity of our tremendous employees.


    Should students attend school during a strike?

    During a strike, without enough teachers and support staff, schools would have to close. Without enough staff to support our schools, the District would be unable to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.


    If schools close, will this count as an absence for my child?

    During a strike, schools will be closed for students. Therefore, this would not count as a regular day of attendance, and students would not be marked as absent.


    Where can I get school work for my child to complete during the strike?

    Students can login to Schoology at to get students activities and resources. Students may also request printed activities and resources at their school.


    Will schools continue to serve meals?

    Our Grab & Go food distribution program has concluded. Families who have picked up food from a Grab & Go location may find heating instructions here.


    Can my child be supervised during school hours? If schools close, will after school programs be available?

    Student supervision will be available at select elementary, middle and high schools from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. These services are available at limited locations. Every effort will be made to accommodate your child at the site you choose for student supervision. Should the site you choose be at capacity, you will be directed to an alternative site. If your child requires any special accommodations or has specific health issues, please immediately inform the site administrator of these concerns. Visit this page for real-time updates on capacity during the days of the strike.

    Supervision is also available at partner locations – please visit this page for updates.


    How can I help?

    District approved volunteers through the Los Angeles Unified Volunteer Management system may contact their school site to volunteer during the strike. Parents, guardians and extended family specifically, may also complete the On-Demand volunteer application at the school site and provide required information to the administrator. You can also sign up to volunteer at our Grab & Go locations. Click here to sign up.


    When does school resume?

    The strike is limited to three days, from March 21 to March 23. School would resume on Friday, March 24.


    Will parents need to sign their children up for student supervision and if so where and how do they sign-up their children?

    Student supervision is available at sites listed on our website. Parents will sign in students upon arrival at the site. Student acceptance is based on capacity.


    What happens if a site is at capacity?

    Parents will be directed to the closest available site based on our latest occupancy data, which is updated every 15 minutes on this website. While we cannot guarantee space, we will make every attempt to accommodate our students with the latest available information from our supervision locations.


    Does the parent need to take their children to their home school site, or can the children attend any site?

    Students can participate at any of the 154 student supervision sites listed.


    If a parent has children at different schools, for instance elementary and high school, is the parent able to drop off all children at the elementary school regardless of their age and grade level?

    Yes, as long as there is space to accommodate.


    How will LAUSD supervision support student accommodations and IEP? What will IEP support and learning look like at the supervision sites?

    During the strike, schools will be closed for students. Therefore, this would not count as a regular day of attendance and would not be considered an instructional day where IEP support would be provided. Only supervision will be provided at the supervision sites.


    Are the personnel Beyond the Bell personnel or are they consulted to vendors, other programs?

    Student supervision at select sites will be supported with Beyond the Bell LAUSD employees and agency partner staff.


    Will parents need student IDs when they stop by Grab and Go sites?

    Parents will not need to show student identification and there will not be a limit.


    Will meals include veggie, halal, allergy minded options for students? Majority of the menu items are non-meat.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to create individual meals at Grab & Go sites for students. 


    What happens to grading?

    For secondary students, schools on the semester and quarter schedule will have their grading window extended to Wednesday, March 29.