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  •  New Beginnings

    I want to thank every single one of you, especially, my ever supporting parents. They, who were my first teachers, who taught me the value of hard work, who taught me how to believe in myself and who ingrained in me, that reaching your goals is attainable.      
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    On Thursday, July 6, 2017, I was granted the privilege of being the L.A. Unified Board President for the 2017-2018 school year. I am humbled, joyful, grateful, and regard this new role with great respect.

    I stand true to my beliefs of- providing high quality education for every child, supporting our communities,  and ask that we put the most important people at the forefront of our actions, our students. We must continue this journey united in our vision to better the lives of L.A. Unified students. It is time to get down to business, this is our time to make difficult decisions that will continue benefiting  our students ten years from now. I am eager to work with the Board and our Superintendent, Dr. Michelle King, to reach our shared goals.

    I am proud of the Leading, Learning, and Succeeding Resolution, that was passed on Thursday's Board Meeting. This resolution asks that we put kids first and evaluate any impact our actions may have on students’ achievement.

    The resolution focuses on five critical areas in order to improve student achievement: (1) prioritizingstudents in any board action; (2) partnering with parents; (3) investing in teachers; (4) verifying that schools and classrooms are “ready to learn” for the first day of school; and (5) prioritizing fiscal health through innovative strategies that put students first.

    As Board President, I will work to be the best version of myself and continue serving all L.A. Unified students and communities. I look forward to working closely and collaborating with you so that will reach 100% graduation and students will graduate, college and career-ready.


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