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  • Why has LA Unified decided to open up school for full days of instruction?

  • What are the main steps I need to take to prepare my child for an in-person return on August 16th?

  • How will this school year be the same as pre-pandemic school?

  • How will this school year be different than pre-pandemic school?

  • At what point will parents have to make the decision to send their kids or keep them home?

  • My child is nervous or hesitant about returning to a full day of in-person programming. How can I help them prepare for this change in routine?

  • How will LA Unified support the emotional well-being of my child during this transition?

  • How can I get connected to my child’s school and school community?

  • What is the Parent Portal and how can I access it?

  • Will schools continue to have staggered start and end times?

  • Will all school sites provide after school services for TK-2, or just some?



  • What specific steps are being taken to protect elementary students who cannot be vaccinated, from teachers who have chosen not to be vaccinated?

  • What will happen if my child has to quarantine?

  • Will social distancing still be enforced?

  • Will elementary students (since they aren’t vaccinated) be allowed to be with students from other classes during recess/lunch, or will they have to stay with their cohort/class?



  • Will my child be able to keep learning online for 2021-2022 if they need to?

  • How will the Online Program work?

  • How do I sign up for the Online Program?

  • Will my child be enrolled in athletic programs, clubs and student organizations from my child’s current school if they enroll in the online program through the City of Angels?

  • Will I lose my current standing in magnet or other specialized programs in my current school of attendance if my student participates in the online program?

  • Can my family switch between online and in-person instruction within the semester?

  • Can my family switch from in person to online if the cases rise?

  • How will Special Education needs be met in an online model?

  • How will dual language programs work in the online model?

  • If high school seniors participate at City of Angels, can they graduate with their home school or do they graduate with the online program?

  • Where can I learn more about the City of Angels Online Program?



  • Will parent volunteers be allowed back on campus?

  • Will PTOs, PTAs and booster clubs be allowed to have in person events?



  • Will schools continue their ELLP program and will Sp Ed students in Special Day Classes be able to mainstream into Gen Ed classes?