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  • In-Person Learning

    We're Back!

    Come join us! Los Angeles Unified will offer full day in-person instructional programming to all students, 5 days a week, on all its campuses. Much more information about what this will look like will be shared by your school principal before school begins.

    Early Education/Elementary

    • Students will be on campus 5 days a week for a full day of in-person instruction
    • Beyond the Bell Programs will provide after school programming from the end of the school day to 6 p.m. for elementary school students


    • Middle school and high school students will be on campus 5 days a week for a full schedule of in-person instruction
    • Students will move from one classroom to another to see all of their teachers
    • Beyond the Bell Programs will provide after school programming from the end of the school day to 6 p.m.
  • Welcome Back to School

    Los Angeles Unified schools will return to a regular school day in August, but students will be coming back to new and improved programs and services to better serve our students.

    Acceleration of Learning

    • More reading and math teachers will support elementary students
    • More teachers in secondary schools will provide more individualized instruction
    • More opportunities for one-on-one tutoring and personalized learning support
    • New exciting digital content for all (virtual field trips, real-life cultural experiences, and more)
    • Increased course offerings for secondary students for enrichment and credit recovery
    • Updated technology for all students who need it
  • A Day on Campus

    Spending a day on campus will look and feel very similar to what school was like before our campuses closed, but with a few extra precautions to make sure students can learn and play safe and comfortably.


    School bus transportation to and from campuses will be available for those who qualify (i.e., students in magnet programs or based on certain Individualized Education Programs), following all public health and safety guidelines.


    Students will be able to use playground equipment and enjoy sports during recess or nutrition following the latest public health and safety guidelines.


    All students will be able to get a meal at no charge. Breakfast will be provided to students in the morning, lunch will be served in the cafeteria, and supper may be eaten on campus or taken home. Students will be able to eat meals with friends following the latest public health and safety guidelines.

    Afterschool Programs

    Beyond the Bell will offer high quality, safe, and supervised academic, enrichment, and recreation programs from the end of the school day until 6 p.m. Download 2021-22 Beyond the Bell Programs for a list of programs and contact information for your school site. Space may be limited.

    Programs will offer in-person enrichment activities in four areas of engagement with opportunities for students to learn and thrive physically and mentally, focusing on academic, physical, creative, and social and emotional learning.


    We are excited to return to our normal sports schedule! Our scholar athletes will continue to learn the skills they will need for their journey in a post-secondary school/ career.

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  • Helpdesk

    For families: (213) 443-1300
    For employees: (213) 241-2700
    The helpdesk is open 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday for any questions about Los Angeles Unified and the COVID pandemic.

    Student & family wellness:
    (213) 241-3840
    The helpdesk is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Please call for support with mental health, immunizations, health insurance, food & housing, enrollment, and more.