• Reopening Schools in the Safest Way Possible

    Congress continues to debate another round of federal funding for COVID-19 relief and economic stimulus, but it can’t continue to ignore the immediate need in public schools and role they will play in the recovery of local communities and the nation as a whole. Public schools in California are sadly used to operating with inadequate funding, but school districts have invested millions of dollars as they scrambled to live up to the moral imperative of educating children and providing a safety net for families.

    As part of any new funding for COVID relief, Congress must specifically designate funds to support schools. Like my colleagues in towns and cities across America, we fed hungry families because others did not. We redirected scarce funds to buy computers and internet access because children not in classrooms would otherwise have no way to participate in school. We created a virus testing and contact-tracing program for the school community because it is needed and didn’t exist. Schools have long been on the front lines of dealing with broader societal issues and that has never been more true than during this crisis.

    These costs for food, computers and internet access and COVID testing are just a portion of the additional investment we’re making to keep students and families safe and connected as we plan a return to school campuses. Los Angeles Unified, together with its labor partners, the Los Angeles delegation in Sacramento and Washington D.C. and other large schools districts in California, have been advocating at all levels of government for the funds schools desperately need to reopen in the safest way possible. Not one of the many letters we’ve sent have received a response.

    Please take a look at these letters, add your voice and send a message to the appropriate elected leader about the immediate need in schools. There’s lots of work to do and the kids are counting on it.

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