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  • Title IV Funding

    Teachers training in a classroom


    The Personalized Learning Systems department will be offering additional training opportunities through webinars and face-to-face sessions beginning Spring 2020. Title IV funding will be available for teachers at qualifying schools.

    Educators from non-qualifying schools are also welcome to attend our sessions; however, priority will be given to educators at qualifying schools.

  • Qualifying Schools

  • Starts With
  • Contains
  • Starts With
  • Contains
  • Starts With
  • Contains
  • Educators at qualifying schools will be compensated as follows:

    Type of


    Hours Spent on
    Follow-up Tasks

    ($25 per hour)


    2 hours

    1 hour

    3 hours


    1 hour

    1 hour

    2 hours

  • For a list of available sessions, please visit or see the monthly flyers below.


    February Flyer 2020 March PD April Flyer May Flyer

    Educators at qualifying schools also have the opportunity to become salary point instructors by following the steps below:

    1.  Complete the online application and pass the assessment at
    2.  Attend an all-day Instructor’s Workshop (compensated at $25 per hour).

    a. Saturday, February 15, 2020
    b. Saturday, March 21, 2020
    c. Tuesday, April 7, 2020

    3.  Schedule and teach salary point courses for Personalized Learning Systems (compensated at the hourly rate).