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Home Medical Referral

Hospital Medical Referral

Psychiatric Referral for Home Instruction

Non-Medical Referral for Interim Home Instruction




In-Home COVID Vaccine for Homebound LA County Residents



Corona Virus Response and Recovery


Please contact 211 for assistance with basic needs and other resources at https://211la.org/search-resources

Request for Medication to be Taken During School Hours, Form 33.199 (7/12)

English | Spanish


Asthma Action Plan (English/Spanish)


Request for Self-Admin of Medication, From 33.205 (7/12)

English | Spanish


Permanent Health History


SPHCS Guidelines

Authorization Form

Adrenal Insufficiency - Solu-Cortef

Anaphylaxis English-Spanish
Autonomic Dysreflexia English-Spanish
Catheterization, Clean English-Spanish
Catheterization, Sterile English-Spanish
Clean Self Catheterization with Assistance English-Spanish
Clean Self-Catheterization English-Spanish
Diabetic Care - Blood Glucose Testing English
Diabetic Care - Hypoglycemia English
Diabetic Care - Glucagon English
Diabetic  Care - Hyperglycemia English
Gastrostomy - Bolus Method Feeding English-Spanish
Gastrostomy - Slow Drip Method or Pump English-Spanish
Gastrostomy  - Replacement English-Spanish
Jejunostomy - Slow Drip or Pump English-Spanish
Oral - Nasal Suctioning English-Spanish

Oro-Nasopharyngeal Suctioning

Ostomy Care English-Spanish

Oxygen Therapy


Seizure Care - Action Plan


Seizure Care- Parent Questionnaire


Seizure Care - Diastat Administration 

Seizure Care - Vagus Nerve Stimulation English-Spanish

Tracheostomy - Suctioning


Tracheostomy - Tube Replacement

(Emergency Procedure Only)




























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