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  • Creating an IT-Self-Service ticket just got easier! Starting November 30th, employees are able to create online IT support tickets through an updated interface that is user-friendly, organized and more efficient to ultimately help support you.
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Video Tutorials and PDF Guides

  • Please note: These video tutorials guide you through the "test version" of the new system -- so you can navigate and practice before we transition. Once the system is "live," we will update tutorials accordingly.
    Creating a Service
    Request Ticket
    Check the Status
    of a Request
    Managing Service
    Request Tickets
    Using the 'Needs
    Attention' Button
    Attaching Documents
    to Service Requests
    Bookmarking the
    Request System
  • Knowledgebase Need an Answer Fast? Answers to many common questions can be located quickly and easily in our knowledgebase.

  • Rollout Timeline

    The new Online Service Request System will rollout in phases:
    • Phase 1: Need support on ITD services, such as: applications, computing devices, IT infrastructure, Telecom, etc.? In the first rollout phase, you would submit an online ticket through the new SRS. 
    • Phase 2: In the second phase of the rollout, we will expand so you are able to submit online tickets for all other request types: accounts payable, employee services/payroll, food services, etc. 
    • Future Features: A mobile device version for employees to request online tickets will be available in a future rollout phase  

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