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The Office of Environmental Health and Safety works in conjunction with Ware Disposal, Urbaser-American, and Republic Services to provide rubbish and diversion programs District-wide. These vendors provide LAUSD with trash, recycling, and green waste disposal services. This page contains detailed information that can assist Plant Managers, Site Administrators and non-school staff to obtain additional services, report missed services and perform a variety of other rubbish tasks.

Local District East is in the process of being transitioned from Republic Services to Ware Disposal, with an estimated completion date of October 2022.

Need Assistance?

New Senate Bill 1383:

Under California Senate Bill 1383, effective January 1st, 2022 all public schools and school districts must subscribe to an organic waste collection service. Administrators will be working towards educating school district staff about organic waste prevention and how to properly sort materials into correct containers. School staff will be required to properly sort their organic waste into the correct containers.

  • Organic waste includes food, green material, landscape and pruning waste.
  • Goals within SB 1383:
    • Effective Date: January 1st 2022
    • Enforcement required: January 1st 2024
    • First Goal: 75% Reduction in Organics by January 1st 2025
    • Second Goal: 20% Increase in Edible Food Recovery by January 1st 2025

What does this all mean for District sites?

The District will be working with our Vendors to bring green and food waste bins to all locations, along with training programs to help everyone learn how to sort all materials properly. These changes will be occurring over the course of the next two years to help the District come into compliance with these regulations quickly and effectively.

What is offered? 

As part of the District’s Rubbish Contracts, all sites can request the following services for their site:

  • In-class 5-gallon recycling bins (limited qualities) 
  • 96-gallon recycling carts for internal use only
  • Recycling Assemblies 
  • In classroom recycling training 
  • Classroom recycling learning material
  • Site assessments for green waste programs 

For more information regarding specific availability per vendor please check out: 


How do you request these services? 

Sites have a few different methods available to make these request: 


Submitting a request via email? 

Please fill out our Recycling Program Request Form

Los Angeles Unified is implementing food waste and recovery programs district-wide to comply with new California state mandates and to help achieve the District’s sustainability goals. 


What services are currently available? 


  • Food Waste bins 
  • Food Waste Training for staff administrators and students
  • Site assessments for food waste programs


What is a Food Waste Disposal Program, and when will it be implemented? 


In efforts to divert waste from the landfills, a specialized rubbish disposal container will be used by sites to toss all food scraps. These food scraps are collected by our rubbish providers and taken to special facilities to process and divert the material from the landfills. 


Implementation: December 2022 (Tentative)


While the District is still in the process of rolling out training programs to Plant Managers’ and Food Service Workers’, if your site has received a green waste bin and would like to get a jump start on the implementation of food waste programs you can submit a request using one of the following systems: 



What is a Food Recovery Program and when will it be implemented? 


A food recovery program collects edible food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributes it to feed people in need. The District will be working to create partnerships throughout our communities to develop a network that diverts as much food as possible from reaching our landfills. 


Implementation: Late 2023 


Service Calendar July 2022

Service Schedule (Republic Services)

Service Schedule (American Reclamation)

Transition Period Flyer (March-June 2022)

Green Waste Flyer

Recycling Program Request Form

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