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    MyTeam is now accessible through LAUSD’s integrated reporting system – GetData!  You can access data from different systems in a single portal with just one login.  MyTeam reports are generally unchanged and we will continue enhancements in the Spring and Summer of 2016.  If you have previously booked-marked specific MyTeam reports, you will need to re-save them with the new GetData web addresses.  



    MyTeam is an online reporting tool which provides managers with access to timely, accurate and comprehensive employee information, user-friendly reports, and detailed data for customized analysis.

    My Team will be launched in phases:

    1. Bring together existing data into an easily accessible format and begin field testing the tool – March 2014
    2. Incorporate data from LAUSD’s Teacher Growth and Development Cycle (TGDC) – May 2014
    3. Continuously augment existing reports based on testing and end-user feedback  – Fall 2014 to Spring 2016



    Please use the link above to sign in to MyTeam.  Currently, this tool is available to specific central office and Local District leadership, as well as school-site principals.  If you feel that access is necessary for additional managers, such as APs, at your site, please complete the Access Request Form and submit it for review.



    For additional instructions on how to navigate the MyTeam tool, please refer to the General User Guide.  If you have additional questions about MyTeam, please contact us at myteam@lausd.net.    



    Teacher Evaluation History and Recommendations – Using MyTeam for updating staff rosters and making deferral decisions for teachers

    Attendance Tips – Using MyTeam for staff attendance monitoring
    General User Guide – Step-by-step instructions for navigating MyTeam

    Access Request Form – Request access for additional managers (APs, etc.)


    Updated: May 17, 2018