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  • Moving Forward Together

    Many of us in District Five have recently returned to school. Wherever you spent the last few weeks, our team appreciates your inspirational commitment to L.A. Unified students.

    Now, we can all recognize it is critical to get back to work as soon as possible, which includes addressing school climate and interpersonal dynamics.

    Student Health and Human Services has developed this guide (pdf) to support your healing and resiliency through ongoing communication among students, families, and staff. The guide focuses on creating a safe, healthy, and affirming school environment. The talking points, self-care, and
    restorative justice activities inside support the entire L.A. Unified family, from staff to families and students. We encourage you to work with your school team and community partners to debrief and reengage while resuming school operations.

    May 2019 be a year to promote healing and compassion among your school community.

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