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Responsible Use Policy

  • All uses of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) computer and network systems by students, employees, contractors, and others are subject to the LAUSD’s Responsible Use Policy (RUP).

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Frequently Asked Questions

One way the district has been helping families connect to the internet is by providing mobile 'MiFi hot spot' devices. To inquire about one of thee, please provide your household information to your child's school's local district office. If you are not sure which local district you belong to, use the school directory tool to locate your child's school and identify the correct lopcal district.

We are working with all schools to identify any students/households in need of devices and connectivity and identifying the most appropriate solutions. Contact the school directly to let them know your students is lacking a device. If you cannot reach the school, then call 213-443-1300 to let them know. They will ask you a few questions, log the request and ensure the information is forward to the school.

Please chat with an agent or call 213-443-1300 during business hours for any type of technical support for students.

You should report a lost/stolen device to the issuing school as soon as possible. Things happen, but we do have measures in place to help recover devices that go missing.

  • First: our technicians are able to deactivate devices remotely wherever they are; thus, the device will not be usable to anyone who may find or steal the device.
  • Second: lost/stolen devices are immediately reported to law enforcement who can use global position system (GPS) technology to track down the location of the device.

Any lessons in which students participate must not be recorded, as it may be a violation of privacy rights. Teachers, however, may wish to pre-record lessons (without students) using applications provided by the district.

Yes. MyMail accounts are provisioned through Google and enable students to customize access to Google tools, including Google Docs, Classrooms, Forms, Drawing, YouTube and others.

To access go to and log in with an LAUSD MyMail account.

If any student or employee has accessing content, please chat with an agent or call 213-443-1300 during normal business hours.


LAUSD provides a variety of content online to help students continue learning during school facilities closures.

Students can log on to to find grade-level appropriate lessons, interative activities and quizzes.

LAUSD is also partnering with PBS stations in Southern California to make educaitonal content available for students at varying grade levels. Learn more...


Discover a variety of other online resources with educaitonal content for learners of all ages and grade levels 

The purpose of the personal identification number (PIN) is to allow your child's school to verify you are the actual parent or guardian and have rights to the student's information. Contact the school directly to request a PIN. If you are unablle to reach someone at your school, call 213-443-1300 during business hours to make the request, and the information will be forwarded to your school to make contact with you.

Due to the cost-prohibitive nature of telephone conference bridges, we are recommending employees take advantage of online conferencing tools instead. They provide a great deal more functionality than traditional telephone bridges without the cost.

LAUSD has an agreement with Zoom, enabling employees to use their single sign-on accounts to set up online meetings free of charge.

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    Chat with an agent or call 213-443-1300 during business hours.