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    IT Asset Management (ITAM)

    Device Inventory Management across the District is critical to accurately measure and report that every student has a viable computing and connectivity device and ensure learning equity for all students. The District's IT Asset Management System of record is Remedy and all schools are required to use it for device inventory management.  Each site administrator must designate a staff member to serve as an Instructional Device Manager (IDM).  More Information




    Verizon Hotspot Recall

    As you may be aware, the Verizon corporation announced plans to recall Ellipsis Jetpack mobile hotspot devices. The vendor will be contacting your school to confirm delivery, please see Verizon Recall Instructions



    Student Device Refresh

    Each year, the IT Asset Management Team evaluates the need to refresh each school’s inventory of viable computing devices (i.e., Chrombebooks, iPads, laptops) to ensure every student is ready to participate successfully in online/hybrid instruction. 

    Once all of a school’s devices are appropriately accounted for, the IT Asset Management Team can determine each school’s device needs using the following criteria:


    1. If the number of viable devices at a school is less than that school’s enrollment plus 5 percent (buffer), then there is a device deficit. A number corresponding to the size of the deficit will be allocated for distribution to the school as part of the refresh program.
    2. If the number of viable devices at a school is more than that school’s enrollment plus 5 percent (buffer), then there is a device surplus. No action will be taken unless the school encounters a deficit.


     If you have any questions, please contact your ITD liaison: https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/11882


    Please see device refresh FAQ

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