• All Means All: Enhancing Supports and Resources for Our LGBTQ+ Students

    Schools must be safe and supportive for all students. My resolution stems directly from students in the East Valley, who identified policy changes to help our schools become more inclusive places for learning by improving all-gender restroom accessibility and training, partner to survey students and update district policies, and create anti-bullying pilot for all school stakeholders. Read full resolution here

    Increasing Opportunities and Supports for Our Homeless Students and Families

    Over 16,000 students in our district are expercining homelessness and at some schools up to 18% of their student body are homeless. This resolution directs the Superintendent and his team to explore innovative solutions to provide permanent and/or interim housing for homeless students and their families. Read the full resolution here.

    Opening Doors to College and Career Opportunities for Our Students

    Provides the SAT/ACT for all high school juniors during the school day at no cost to students. By offering the SAT or ACT for our juniors, we can remove a potential barrier to college acceptance and ensure every student is ready for college and careers. Read the full resolution here.

    Achieving Excellence for All: Establishing a Framework for Continuous Improvement

    This framework will allow the District to identify and provide more supports to schools that are struggling, so that they can continue to improve. It will also let parents and community members understand how their school is doing.

    We know that all kids, regardless of background, can learn at high levels. In order to support schools and make continued progress, we need better information on how our schools are doing. The performance framework will allow us to look at all of our different types of schools through the same lens of success. Read the full resolution here.

    Advancing Equity in Our Tax System and Advocating for the Full and Fair Funding of Public Education

    Supports legislation (AB 2808) that would increase LCFF funding so that our primary mechanism of education funding would be boosted to more appropriate levels. As well as legilsation (AB 2731) that would close the close the carried interest loophole, one of the biggest tax loopholes in our tax system which currently only benefits hedge fund managers or private equity firms. Read the full resolution here.

    Urging California to Reclaim Its Leadership in Education by Increasing Investment in Schools

    Did you know California is 46th in the Country in funding for our schools? It's time for Sacramento to fully fund our education. My resolution calls on the state to raise per-pupil spending to make California the leader in education funding. Read the full resolution here.

    Creating Pathways to Lifelong Success for Our Students

    The resolution builds on LAUSD’s goal of 100% high school graduation, ensuring that all students are adequately prepared to attend higher education and have access to a rewarding career. Read the full resolution here.