The special education instructional support teams are focused on ensuring high quality teaching and learning in every classroom. From preschool and the early elementary years to high school and career readiness programs, the instructional support teams equip schools, teachers, related services staff, para-educators, parents, and students with the tools and strategies for learning in the 21st Century.


    Our instructional support teams provide support and services to help all students with disabilities succeed in school and transition to a productive life with meaningful experiences in college and/or careers.


    Professional Development Opportunities

    Professional development opportunities for staff supporting students with disabilities.


    K-12 Instructional Programs

    K-12 Instructional Programs provides support and expertise with K-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment for students with disabilities. Services include strategies and professional development for:

    Core Curriculum Instructional Programs (Mild/Moderate) - TK-12 Instruction Snapshot, Common Core State Standards: The K-12 General Education Curriculum,

    Moderate/severe instructional programs – alternate curriculum, Autism program support

    Positive behavior support

    Transition services (DOTS)


    Effective Classroom Teaching and Learning: Supports and Services

    Students with disabilities have different instructional profiles depending on their unique needs. Through the use of dynamic and flexible teaching methods, strategies, and supports, students with disabilities can access instruction in the general education classroom.


    Independent Charter Schools

    The Charter School Support office assists with the implementation a tiered system of support to charter schools to ensure that all students with special needs are served.


    Early Childhood Special Education

    Prior to kindergarten, LAUSD provides infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children with developmental delays with instructional programs and supports targeting early intervention.


    Least Restrictive Environment Support

    LRE support staff assists students with physical disabilities with the strategies and supports needed to be successful in school.


    Private School Support

    The Private School Support team assists private schools within the LAUSD attendance boundary with consultation regarding supports for students with disabilities.


    Psychological Services

    Psychological Services assists schools and teachers with identifying the attributes of students’ disabilities that interfere with learning.


    Related Services

    Related services includes specialized staff and services in many areas that address students’ needs.



    Contact Information

    All calls to the Division of Special Education, including calls to the Special Education Service Centers (Central, East, Northeast, Northwest, South, West) from any location and for any purpose, will be routed to the CALL CENTER at (213) 241-6701.


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