Serving Parentally-Placed Private School Students with Disabilities (Ages 5 through 21) Including School of Residence (SOR) Responsibilities

    This website provides general information; however, the Division of Special Education , Policies and Procedures Manual and LAUSD Reference Guide REF-6846.0, provide more detailed information. Please refer to those resources for additional information.

    When parents choose to place their child in a private school, whether or not the provision of FAPE is an issue, LAUSD has specific responsibilities for the following activities:

    • Locate, identify, and evaluate all parentally placed private school students with disabilities attending private (including religious, elementary and secondary) schools located within LAUSD boundaries. LAUSD must undertake activities comparable to the activities undertaken for the District's public school students.
    • Offer a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), including a specific placement in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), to any resident student that is eligible for special education services and implement the IEP upon enrollment in a public school.
    • Develop an Individual Services Plan describing alternative services for any student with a disability that is eligible for special education services and attends a private school located within LAUSD boundaries.


    LAUSD public schools must respond in a timely manner to parents and maintain compliance with district policy and state/federal regulations. In order to determine when your school is responsible for implementing district policy, it is important to consider the following: