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Teacher Support Unit

    Support for Teachers - New Hire, University Intern, and Provisional


    The New Hire Support for Teachers Program is designed to provide support to all LAUSD Newly Hired teachers who are not receiving support from another coaching program within the District.


    • Newly Hired to LAUSD within the past 18 months
    • University Intern (see the University Intern Support page for more information)
    • Provisional (see the Provisional Teacher Support page for more information)
    • Eligible for, but not currently participating in the District Intern or Beginning Teacher Growth and Development Induction program (application on file).

    New hires will be eligible to request a National Board Certified (NBC) Teacher or other qualified Coach to assist them. There is no mandatory paperwork to be completed by the new hire. The Coach will assist them with acclimating to the school and district, classroom management, classroom set-up, district priorities and initiatives, home/school communication and lesson planning as appropriate for each individual teacher.



  • A salary point class is also available. New Hires who attended our Welcome to LAUSD/New teacher Orientation were eligible to earn up to 12 hours towards a salary point. The validation of those hours plus an additional 18 will make it possible for them to submit to our Salary allocation Office for 1 salary point. Click on this link for additional information.

    We invite you to explore our special Newsletter for New Hires. Our newsletter spotlights helpful LAUSD websites and provides Tips, Tricks, and Tech Tidbits. Please use this link to access the newsletter.

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