• To ensure proper tracking of training in MyPLN, you must use an updated version of the Firefox or Chrome web browser on a laptop or desktop. We do not recommend using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or iPad to complete MyPLN training.

    Training Completion Tips:

    • Only click the Launch button once.
    • Do not close the MyPLN window while viewing the training.
    • Do not launch more than one training at a time.
    • If you leave the training unattended while playing, it will eventually time out and not record your progress.
    • If you accidentally launch multiple instances of the training, please close all training tabs/windows and re-launch the training from MyPLN.

    Below are instructions on how to configure your browsers for MyPLN.

    NOTE: Configure all the computers you use for training.

  • Configuring Chrome Browser for MyPLN

  • Configuring Firefox Browser for MyPLN