• Improving Board District 3 Facilities


    At Board District 3 we take great pride in making sure that every school receives the facilities upgrades that are needed to ensure students can learn in clean, safe and supportive physical environments.

    The following are the facilities improvements that have been made since Board Member Schmerelson took office.  

  • Comprehensive Modernization

    No. Hollywood HS

    Cleveland HS

    Grant HS

    Kennedy HS

    Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies 

  • Classroom and Outdoor Furniture

    Lake Balboa College Preparatory Magnet (K-12)

    Science Outdoor

    Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet ES

    Room 23 Room 22 Room 21

    Other schools that received Classroom or Outdoor Furniture: Andasol ES, Darby ES, Dearborn ES, Henry MS, Holmes MS, Topeka ES, Tulsa ES, Knollwood ES, Erwin ES

  • Parent Center

    Coldwater Canyon ES


    Gault ES   

    Gault Parent Center Gault Parent 2

    Lankershim ES

    Lankership 1 Lankershim 2

    Melvin ES

    Melvin ES Melvin ES  

    Other Schools with new Parent Centers: Mayall ES

    Future Parent Center Upgrades: Reed MS

  • Playground Structure Upgrade

    Chatsworth Park ES

    Play Structure Principal PlayStructure

    Other schools with a Playground Structure Upgrade: Andasol ES, Dearborn ES and Porter Ranch Community School

  • Building Projects

    Porter Ranch Community School 

    Porter Ranch Porter Ranch 2

    Also: Colfax ES


  • Outdoor Classrooms

    Canoga Early Ed Center (Nature Classroom)

    Woodland ES

  • Marquee 

    Hamlin ES

    Hamlin ES Marquee

    Monlux ES

    Monlux Marquee

    Other schools that got new marquees: Emelita ES, Gault ES, Granada ES, Justice ES, Kittridge ES, Madison MS, Northridge Academy HS, Welby Way ES, Knollwood ES, Lockhurst ES, Pomelo ES

  • Automatic Attendance Phone System

    Andasol ES, Bassett ES, Beckford ES, Burbank ES, Calahan ES, Canoga Park ES, Capistrano ES, Castlebay ES, Chatsworth Park ES, Coldwater Canyon ES, Colfax ES, Danube ES, Darby ES, Dearborn ES, Dixie Canyon ES, El Oro Way ES, Emelita ES, Gault ES, Germain ES, Granada ES, Hamlin ES, Hart ES, Haskell ES, Haynes ES, Justice ES, Kester ES, Kittridge ES, Knollwood ES, Lemay ES, Limerick ES, Lockhurst ES, Mayall ES, Melvin ES, Monlux ES, Napa ES, Nevada ES, Parthenia ES, Pomelo ES, Porter Ranch Community School, Rio Vista ES, Riverside ES, Sherman Oaks ES, Shirley ES, Sunny Brae ES, Superior ES, Topeka ES, Tulsa ES, Van Gogh ES, Vanalden ES, Vintage ES, Winnetka ES, Woodlake ES, Blythe ES, Hale MS, Miller CTC

  • Technology Support

    Schools that received Technology Support: Burbank Blvd ES, Capistrano ES, Enadia Way ES, Independence HS, Kennedy HS, Lake Balboa College Prep, Nevada ES, Northridge MS, Reseda ES, Sunny Brae ES, Superior ES, Winnetka ES, Danube ES, Nevada ES, Woodlake ES


  • Fencing

    Schools that received new/upgraded fencing: Canoga ES, London HS, Mulholland MS, Northridge MS, Welby Way ES, Winnetka ES

  • Shade Structure

    Schools that received shade structures: Calahan ES, Kester ES, Topeka ES

  • Auditorium Upgrade

    Schools that received upgrades to their Auditorium: Canoga HS, Haskell ES, Haynes ES, Nevada ES, Reseda ES, Hale MS, Mulholland MS

  • Library Upgrade

    Schools that received or will receive renovations to their Libraries: Lull Special Ed Center, Colfax ES, Porter MS 


    Daniel Pearl High School Library


     Library   Library  library  library

  • Surveillance Camera 

    Schools that will receive new Surveillance Cameras: Northridge Academy HS, Madison MS, Noble MS, Lawrence MS, Welby Way ES, Canoga ES, Reed MS

  • Auditorium Wall Fold Table

    Schools that received new Wall Fold Tables: Chandler ES and Granada ES

  • Lunch Area

    Schools that received improvements to their Lunch Area: Chatsworth Park ES, Winnetka ES

  • Security Entry System

    These schools received or will receive new Security Entry Systems: Addams HS, Vanalden ES, Vintage ES, Tulsa ES, Danube ES, Stoney Point HS, Mayall ES.

  • Parking Lot Upgrade

    These schools had or will have their Parking Lots Upgraded: Beckford ES, Blythe ES, Calahan ES, Dearborn ES, Hamlin ES, Henry MS, Lawrence MS, Lemay ES, Napa ES, Vintage ES and Chatsworth HS

  • STEAM Lab/Innovation Space

    Madison MS, Pearl HS, Topeka ES


  • Miscellaneous

    These schools received the following improvements:

    Earhart HS/overhead projector install

    El Oro ES/main office reconfiguration

    Gault ES/exterior storage bins

    Woodlake ES/backpack hooks

    Wooden HS/electrical power for garden/farm