Best Practices in Cyber Safety

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    National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is an annual program in October to help organizations stay safe and secure online. The Los Angeles Board of Education passed a resolution in 2016 acknowledging October as Cyber Security Awareness Month. The resolution calls for District staff, students and parents to promote awareness through activities, events and training to ensure the protection of information.


    Clear Desk

    Many people leave protected District information on their desks in a variety of media formats (e.g. CD-ROM, paper reports, USB drives, notebooks, e.t.c.). Without proper safeguards, this information can can be stolen very easily. To reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access to protected data follow the steps below:

    Clear Desk

    1. Put away any storage media that may contain sensitive information.

    2. Retreive sensitive documents from printers, fax machines and copiers promptly.

    3. Store sensitive documents in locked file cabinets or drawers.


    Clear Screen

    People oftentimes leave their computer screens unlocked when they're away from their desk. Without proper safeguards, unauthorized access to your PC and information systems you're currently logged into can occur. To reduce the likelihood of somone reading or altering protected files follow the steps below:


    Clear Screen




















    1. Log off the District applications after use.

    2. Lock your screen with a complex password.

    3. Turn off your computer.


    For more information and activities to promote Cyber Security Awareness, please visit


     If you need support, please contact the IT Helpdesk at IT Helpdesk Website or (213) 241-5200, Press Option 4, then 1.