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    School districts across California are now able to take advantage of pre-negotiated terms and pricing to connect their own families to Spectrum and/or AT&T for high-speed internet at home. Learn how ...


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    The Los Angeles Unified School District is working to ensure every student and employee has access to the internet connectivity needed for high-quality teaching and learning.

    We are exploring device and connectivity needs to provide the right solution for every student, every educator, and every family. Please let us know how we can best support your child by completing the Parent Acknowledgement and Device/Connectivity Request Form.

    Parents and guardians can now use a single form to request computing devices and/or connectivity services for all children enrolled in an LAUSD school.

    LAUSD-Sponsored High-Speed Internet

    Families who have submitted connectivity requests at may be eligible to receive district-sponsored high-speed internet connectivity for their homes. Qualifying families are sent correspondence inviting them to accept 12 months of service at no cost to them.

    All families are encouraged to visit to let us know of any support needed with devices and/or internet connectivity.

    Affordable Connectivity Program

    Do you already have broadband internet at home but need help to afford it? You may qualify for a monthly discount through the federal Affordable Connectivity Program, which is a national program managed by the Federal Communications Commission. Learn more at

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens at the end of 12 months? WIll I start getting billed?

  • How is the district providing sponsored high-speed internet to households in need?

  • Will my financial status affect eligibility for LAUSD-sponsored high-speed internet?

  • What download speeds will be available from district-sponsored internet service?

  • Can I pay a portion of the cost to get faster service?

  • Are these free services available to students in community colleges?

  • Can a student who has already graduated request free internet service from LAUSD?

  • Do LAUSD adult education students qualify for free internet?

  • Do independent charter schools within LAUSD boundaries qualify for the free internet?

  • Do private school parents receiving services from LAUSD qualify for free internet?

  • What if I need to cancel the LAUSD-sponsored internet service?

  • What happens when a device gets lost, stolen, or broken?

  • Will my child's school continue to provide devices even though schools are open again?

  • Which grade levels use computing devices?

  • Can my child use his/her own device at school?

  • How do I request a computing device for my child?

  • What happens once I submit a request for a device or connectivity?

  • I have more than one child enrolled in LAUSD. Do I need to submit a form for each child?

  • What if my child has his or her own computer?

  • Where do I get the access code to complete the form?

  • How do I get an LAUSD Parent Portal account?

  • How do I get a PIN to link a child to my Parent Portal account?

  • Will my child's school provide a hotspot to connect to the internet at home this year?

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