Los Angeles New Administrators Leadership Program

The Los Angeles New Administrators Leadership Program (LANALP) is a two-year, competency- and performance-based induction program for new administrators anchored in the LAUSD School Leadership Framework, the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL), and the LANALP Habits of Mind. In partnership with the Center for Collaborative Education, LAUSD has developed this program to support new administrators to meet Clear Administrative Services Credential (formerly Tier II) requirements. To be eligible for this program, candidates must have a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Tier I) and be currently assigned to an administrative position within LAUSD. While this program is available to all new LAUSD administrators, priority is provided to administrators leading an autonomous school and/or school designated as “high need”.

As part of the program, candidates are coached by current and former LAUSD administrators. Coaches provide 40 hours per year of coaching to each candidate in many areas, including: assistance in self-assessment and goal setting; learning walks focused on improving instructional quality and rigor; developing vibrant professional learning communities; and building leadership capacity.

For more information about LANALP visit our partnering website http://www.lanalp.org.