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    As a program, CHAMP began 20 years ago within the Student Health and Human Services Division. Since its inception, CHAMP’s small team of eight CECs has assisted more than 65,000 individuals enroll and maintain low- and no-costs health insurance benefits. 

    In addition to providing one-on-one enrollment assistance, CHAMP team members provide: 

    • Schedule presentations for school staff, parents and community groups 
    • Provide assistance to families for enrollment in health insurance programs 
    • Assist in the renewal of health insurance benefits 
    • Provide troubleshooting assistance as needed to families navigating the health insurance system
    • Make health-focused referrals to other LAUSD Programs and appropriate community agencies
    • Attend and conduct outreach at community health and resource fairs
    • Train and mentor other District staff on up-to-date health insurance program rules and processes


    CHAMP team members offer enrollment and renewal assistance for the following low- and no-cost health insurance programs such as Medi-Cal (Medi-Cal with a Premium, Emergency Medi-Cal) and Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan as well as Covered California.
    CHAMP also assists students and their families by making referrals to programs such as CalFresh, WIC, CHDP Gateway Services, and Healthy Way LA.

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    William Celestine

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    P: (213) 241-3850 

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