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  • Enrollment Procedures and Resources

    In accordance with district policy, all schools shall establish procedures to enroll students. Please follow the strategies below to establish the enrollment process for your school. 

    • Student Enrollment and Annually Disseminated Forms
    • All schools must designate personnel to manage receipt and review of enrollment materials submitted by parents/guardians via the district student enrollment online portal (https://enroll.lausd.net/).

      • Due to security concerns regarding the electronic transfer of pupil records, schools should not accept nor request completed student enrollment documents from parents/caregivers by email.  Emailing of these records is acceptable only within the District, between LAUSD personnel using district email accounts.


  • Questions with implementing the enrollment procedures, contact your Local District Pupil Services and Attendance Field Coordinator.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Local District  PSA Field Administrator Email
Central Rudy Gomez rxg6404@lausd.net
East Graciela Ortiz gxo9333@lausd.net
Northeast  Patricia Jimenez  patricia.x.jimenez@lausd.net
Northwest  Dionne Ash  dionne.ash@lausd.net
South Carolina Laureano  cfi3879@lausd.net
West  Necko Ginyard-Taylor necko.ginyard-taylor@lausd.net

Questions regarding enrollment and school of origin rights for students in foster care, experiencing homelessness and/or involved in the juvenile justice system, contact your Local District Student Support Administrator.

Local District  Student Support Programs Administrator Email
Central Traci Williams, Coordinator traci.williams@lausd.net
Central Sandra Lopez, Specialist sel6736@lausd.net
East Elizabeth Guzman, Coordinator exg9516@lausd.net
South Kristal Green , Coordinator kristal.green@lausd.net
South Maxine Salcido, Specialist maxine.salcido@lausd.net
West Tamara Robinson, Coordinator tamara.robinson@lausd.net
West Rene Bell-Harbour, Specialist  rene.bell@lausd.net
Northeast Sylvia Corral, Coordinator scorra2@lausd.net
Northeast Dr. Jennifer Rios-Zambrano, Specialist j.rios-zambrano@lausd.net
Northwest Nicole Mitchell nkm2268@lausd.net

 Questions regarding immunizations procedures, contact your Local District Nursing Administrator.

Local District  District Nursing Administrator Email
Nursing Services

Sosse Bedrossian, Director

Nursing Services

Donna Horowitz, Administrative Coordinator

Special Education

Deborah Markus, Coordinator

Special Programs

Sylvia Fischer, Specialist


Claire Reid, Specialist

Pilar Llanes, Specialist



East Grace Guillen, Coordinator
Northeast  Cheryl Davison, Coordinator cad0840@lausd.net
Northwest  Eileen Mitchell, Coordinator eileen.mitchell@lausd.net
South Allison Barancho, Coordinator allison.barancho@lausd.net
West Andrea Coleman, Coordinator  andrea.coleman@lausd.net
  • All school sites should publicize the district’s student’s online enrollment application portal (https://enroll.lausd.net) link on their school’s website.
  • This system is only for enrollment in the school of residence for grades TK-12th grade.
  • The portal allows parents/guardians to submit enrollment documents and required information to their school of residence electronically. 
  • Job aids for parent navigation are available in English and Spanish in the Student Online Enrollment Portal Materials folder located here.

  • Pre-Enrollment Job aids

  • MiSiS: Enrolling Students from Student Online Pre-Enrollment Portal

  • The portal is the only secure method for parents/guardians to submit enrollment documents electronically (https://enroll.lausd.net).  Due to legal requirements and security concerns related to pupil records, schools should not accept nor request from parents/caregivers completed student enrollment documents by email.  Emailing of these records is acceptable only within the District, between LAUSD personnel using district email accounts.

In addition to the student online enrollment application portal, schools must offer parents/guardians non-electronic alternatives to accessing the enrollment packets such as:

  • Pick up paper copies of enrollment packets.
  • Posting enrollment packets on the school’s website.
  • Emailing and/or US Mailing enrollment packets upon request.

Note: Enrollment forms can only be collected in person, by mail, or through the pre-enrollment portal/parent portal.

Repro Unit /mailing enrollment packets directly to household and/or schools:

  • School designees can log in to mailme.lausd.net utilizing LAUSD SSO and Click on Enrollment Package to request the mailing of enrollment packets to individual households or to multiple households.
  • Schools with large number of household mailing requests may upload their request using the csv file format. The csv template and the job aid to navigate the website can be accessed here.
  • Packets completed by parents may be returned with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the school via school mail. Self-addressed option is included via the https://mailme.lausd.net.
  • Child Welfare and Attendance Procedures and Resources

School Attendance and Enrollment Resources

Access Code: D4GT-DTTH-59Z3V
Attendance and Enrollment Resources

Elementary and Secondary Reason Codes 

Elementary Absent Note Template

Secondary Absent Note Template


Additional Resources

MyPLN Training:

Pupil Services and Attendance Essential Tips to Support Policy and Compliance, Best Practices to Eliminate Audit Findings



Essential Tips to Support Policy and Compliance, Best Practices to Eliminate Audit Findings 


For additional resources to support documentation practices for attendance, enrollment and withdrawals, click here


REF-6554.5 2022-2023 Opening Day Procedures: Supplemental Guide and Updates 

REF-5464.8 Notification of Truancy (NOT)

REF-5259.2 New Student Enrollment Form

BUL-6503.1 Student Emergency Information Form

BUL-116300 Update to Students' Race_Ethnicity_Cultural Heritage

Notification of Truancy Letters

Tools for Schools


School Attendance Review Board (SARB) is a state sanctioned process, created by Legislation in California in 1975.  SARB became operative in 1976 to assist students with attendance and behavior problems.


  • SARB is a community-based effort to bring together multiple resources to assist families with attendance, truancy and behavior issues so that students will stay in school, attend school regularly and graduate  
  • Education Code (EC) Section 48320 was created to enhance the enforcement of compulsory education laws and to divert students with school attendance or behavior problems from the juvenile justice system until all available resources have been exhausted.  
Program Services
  • Each Local District (LD) in LAUSD organizes SARB panels that address cases originating from LAUSD schools in their area.
  • The SARB panel members represent agencies such as school and District level support staff, the District/City Attorney, law enforcement personnel, the Los Angeles County Department of Probation, Children and Family Services (DCFS), Public Social Services (DPSS) and Mental Health. Health care, community counseling agencies, and parents combine their expertise and resources to assist students and families as stated in E.C 48321.
  • The panel works collaboratively to assess the problem and recommend alternative solutions to alleviate circumstances that contribute to specific truancy, attendance, and/or behavior problems.  
  • If the family does not comply with the recommendations and the student/s continue to have problems with attendance, the case may be referred to the office of the City or District Attorney, and ultimately to court.


To access the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) intervention Guide for Schools, click here.

SARB Brochure
 School Attendance Review Board - brochure
SARB Brochure - English  SARB Brochure - Spanish


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