Subject Matter Prep Overview

    The Subject Matter Preparation (SMP) Program courses are offered to LAUSD teachers, LAUSD teacher applicants, other LAUSD employees, and individuals from outside the District. The courses provide assistance with the content covered by the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) in Multiple Subjects and Single Subject Math.  Preparation classes are organized by subtests.

    Passing the CBEST is a prerequisite for any Subject Matter Preparation CSET courses.

    Courses are typically two to five days in duration and are held on Saturdays or unassigned/break non-work days. Session hours vary from nine to twenty-four hours, depending on the subtest covered.

    Directions for registering for any SMP CSET prep class:

    1.    Download a hard copy of the registration form, found on the schedule of classes webpage, complete it and send it to our office, with your money order or cashier’s check. (If you mail your money order, we recommend that you send us a faxed or emailed image of the money order and registration form before you put it in the mail.)

    2.    Please note that registration fees are due a minimum of three business days before the first day of class.

    3.    Money orders MUST be taken or sent to our office.  All money and registration forms must be received by our office three business days before the start of the first day of a course.  No money or registration forms will be accepted at the SMP class site.

    4.    If you qualify for a reimbursement, save the receipt you receive when you pay for the class.

    5.    NO money orders will be held for a later class after you drop an earlier class.  Send us the address to return your money order if you drop before noon on the first day of class. (See registration form for more details.)

    6.    LAUSD Employees will also need to register for coures on MyPLN.

    For additional information, please email Joshua Kincaid at jmk8877@lausd.net, Steve Iarocci at stephen.iarocci@lausd.net, or Janet Peaks at janet.peaks@lausd.net


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