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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this new system?
    We have upgraded our online IT Self-Service interface that is user-friendly, easy to use and more efficient to ultimately help support you. Introducing the NEW Online Service Request System, your online self service solution. 
    Who does it impact? 
    Have you ever created an online IT support ticket for repairs, email issues, etc.? If so, this upgrade impacts you - All employees who request an IT ticket online will be using this new interface. 
    When will we move to this new system?
    The new Online Service Request System will rollout in phases in the month of November:
    • Phase 1: Need support on ITD services, such as: applications, computing devices, IT infrastructure, Telecom, etc.? In the first rollout phase, you would submit an online ticket through the new SRS. 
    • Phase 2: In the second phase of the rollout, we will expand so you are able to submit online tickets for all other request types: accounts payable, employee services/payroll, food services, etc. 
    • Future Features: A mobile device version for employees to request online tickets will be available in a future rollout phase 
    Why is this new online IT Helpdesk platform beneficial? 
    • It’s easy to use
    • It’s a faster way to request services online
    • It will enhance your help-desk experience
    What is different about this system from the current Customer Self Service?
    • It’s faster and more user-friendly
    • Visibly track progress of your ticket easily at the top of the page
    • Add attachments to help provide more information about your issues to your service tech
    • Track all of your previous requests – right from your home screen
    • Communicate back-and-forth within the service technician surrounding your request
    What steps should I take to prepare?
    • Install Firefox on your computer, as this is the preferred browser for the tool
    • Review informational resources to get acquainted to the new look & feel and interface
    • Practice using the system in our test version
    When we transition to the new interface, what happens to my old service request tickets?
    If you had an open request prior to the transition of the upgraded interface, your ticket is still open and active but it will be housed in the previous system (Customer Self Service) until it is closed. You will be able to login to the CSS to view open tickets, but not to create new online tickets. 
    What can I expect in the future from this new system? 
    A new future feature will be a mobile device version! More on this future feature will be provided later. 

    What do I do when I can't find a request or know what type of request to put in?
    Call the HelpDesk Call Center to help guide you to find appropriate section. Or the Helpdesk Call Center can create ticket on your behalf knowing the issue you’re experiencing and how to categorize appropriately. 
    Can I provide input regarding the new system?
    Yes. This tool is ultimately here to serve you, our employees of LAUSD. Let us know what you think. What do you like about the tool? What can be improved? To provide feedback/input open a ticket in the new Online Service Request System.