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    Bringing Academic and Technical Learning to Life

  • Linked Learning Pathways expose students to California's major industries, giving them a better understanding of the types of career paths and jobs available, while helping them develop the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in post-secondary education and career development.


    Students are prepared for high-skilled, high-wage employment through a multi-year sequence of technical courses within a specific industry sector, complementing, reinforcing, and enhancing their academic learning. Real-world experiences, project-based lessons, and performance assessments bring academic and technical learning to life. More importantly, after completing a Linked Learning educational experience, students gain the ability to seize opportunities that come their way.


    Linked Learning makes learning real and exciting for thousands of students who seek more than a traditional school setting. Whether aspiring to become doctors, engineers, architects, or artists, in choosing a Linked Learning Pathway, all students have the opportunity to learn what they love and connect their coursework with their interests and aspirations. Linked Learning is their pathway to success in school and in life.



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