In all Linked Learning Pathways, teachers engage students in rigorous academic coursework that exceeds the California A-G college preparatory requirements. Furthermore, Linked Learning Pathways prepare students with 21st Century Skills to successfully meet the Common Core State Standards. Like Linked Learning, these new standards represent a shift away from memorizing facts and figures and toward challenging students to develop a deeper understanding of subject matter, to think critically, and to apply their learning in varying contexts. 
    Additionally, academic teachers work collaboratively with career technical instructors to prepare students for success in post-secondary education and career development through real-world applications, project-based lessons, and other experiences that extend beyond the classroom. In Linked Learning Pathways, academic courses are linked to and reinforce career technical content while career technical courses enhance and support academic coursework.
    For example, a science teacher may teach concepts that are reinforced and brought to life in a career-based medical course via hands-on practical experiences. Students appreciate and gain a greater depth of knowledge about the subject through the connection between theory and application.