Community of Practice (CoP)

  • Schools that participated in the Communities of Practice (CoP) in 2016-17 are eligible to opt-into the program for 2017-18, which will be the final year it is offered. Schools that opt-in will be given resources to participate in the program. Program requirements include: 1) forming a community of practice with other schools facing similar challenges, 2) identifying a problem of practice based on data that is intended to support the academic achievement of the subgroup for which the school was initially identified, 3) planning for and completing two cycles of “Plan, Do, Study, Act” with the guidance and support of a local district facilitator, 4) sharing findings with School Site Councils, and 5) Preparing and submitting a CoP Sharing Report.

School Pairing

  • Schools designated as Priority (and applicable Focus schools) will participate in the Pairing Program. This involves matching the school to a supportive partner to assist them in developing, refining, implementing and reflecting on the implementation of their school turnaround plans. These schools will participate in the pairing institute alongside their partner(s) to identify a focus area based on the seven turnaround principles, and plan their work for the year. Following the institute, the partners will implement their plans, ensuring site visits, classroom observations and check-ins. Ongoing reports of pairing activities and progress should be made to School Site Councils.

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