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  • What is STEP UP and Teach?

    STEP UP and Teach provides guidance and support to LAUSD paraeducators who desire to become teachers.  There three different STEP UP and Teach cohorts focusing on different high need teaching areas.  All District classroom assistants in a job class within Unit B or F, including Special Education Trainee and Assistants, Instructional Aide I, Health Care Assistants, Early Education Aides and Teacher Assistants are eligible to apply to any STEP UP and Teach cohort. 
    The Special Education (SPED) STEP UP and Teach cohort focuses on those who desire to become a Special Education Teacher.  Please note:  Early Childhood Special Education, Speech and Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy are no longer included as an area of high need for teachers and will no longer be a supported credential goal.
    The Multilingual and Multicultural (MM) STEP UP and Teach targets those whose goal is to obtain a teaching credential with bilingual authorization.  Bilingual fluency will need to be verified through passage of the appropriate CSET exam or the equivalent to a US bachelor's degree where academic instruction was in the target language, up acceptance to the cohort. 
    The Science and Math (STEM) STEP UP and Teach cohort supports those seeking a credential in Science or Math.
    STEP UP and Teach provides:
                   A) Mentoring in regards to academic pathways, credential requirements and teacher preparation programs
                   B) Financial assistance in the forms of
                        i) Tuition Reimbursement -- Up to $960 for community college and $4,800 for university enrollment
                        ii) Textbook Stipend -- Up to $1,000 annually 
                        iii) Credential Testing (e.g. CBEST, CSET and RICA) fees and test preparation vouchers and/or reimbursements
  • Career Ladder Document Submission

  • The following link has been created to streamline submission of documents to the Career Ladder.


    Please scan documents into a single pdf when possible. A received receipt will automatically be issued.


    Why use this form?

    Immediate receipt of documents and receive a submission receipt in your email.

    Retain originals for your records.


    What to submit?

    Applicants: Submit copies of transcripts

    Principals: Submit STEP UP/ BOOST Recommendation Forms

    STEP UP and Teacher Members: submit tuition reimbursement requests with supporting documents, test scores, RISEs, etc.

    BOOST Members: Submit reimbursement requests, BOOST Classroom Observations, etc.



  • STEP Up and Teach Member Profile

  • Current and new STEP UP and Teach members:
    Click here to create or maintain your online STEP UP and Teach member profile.
    When creating as account:
    •    Check the Career Ladder Applicant Type
    •    Use a personal email address; there will be a place to enter your LAUSD email. 
    •    Please note that the Username and Password are NOT linked to your LAUSD single-sign on. 
    For existing accounts:
       a. On the Personal Information page
       b. Applicant Type: Career Ladder
       c. If necessary, click on "Change Type" to add "Career Ladder".
       d. Click on "having trouble logging in?" if you have forgotten your Username or Password. 
  • STEP UP Steps

  • The Step at which a member is participating is based on the combination of three goals:

    1. Educational benchmarks based primarily on the number of college/university units
    2. Credential requirement met via test or equivalent
    3. Review of Instructional Standards Experiences (RISE)

    The goals for each STEP UP steps are as described in the following chart:

    Steps Chart  


    Members must complete all three goals of each Step along with principal endorsement in order to move to the next Step.  In addition, the goals on all previous Steps must be completed in order to match the current educational benchmark.  Participants will have a maximum of two years to complete each Step.  In addition to the STEP UP Step requirements, participants must also maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00, complete a minimum of 18-24 semester units per year, meet with a STEP UP mentor and receive continued supervisor/teacher/principal endorsement annually to continue in the program.
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