• How to Prepare for Auditions/Demonstrations

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    Visual Arts Demonstrations are made up of two parts:

    Evaluation of two on-site drawings

    Portfolio review

    Click here for Parent Informative on the Visual Arts Demonstrations guidelines


    Portfolio case can be student-made or store-bought and should include:
    No more than 6-10 of artwork clearly marked with student’s name on each piece
    Artwork that is fairly recent (within 3 years)
    A variety of age-appropriate artwork (e.g. watercolor, portrait, pencil drawings, landscape, still life, three-dimensional work, collage, mixed media, photography, etc.)
    Portfolio should not include:
    Copyrighted characters/images
    Painting by numbers
         Class assignments where all artwork looks the same


    Performing Arts Auditions: (students may participate in one area only on the day of the audition)

    Click here for Parent Informative on the Performing Arts Auditions guidelines


    Students should come prepared to perform a memorized 1 to 2-minute monologue (no profanity)

    Students may be asked to perform an improvisational piece

    No costumes; comfortable clothing is recommended



    Students should prepare a one-minute, age-appropriate dance to music prior to the audition. Candidates should bring a device (charged or with fresh batteries) with music cued to the starting point. Dance style and musical choices are open and must be age-appropriate (e.g., ballet, tap, hip hop, etc.).

    Students should come dressed in appropriate dance clothing: black tights/leotards or black sweats/white T-shirts (no costumes, big shirts, jeans or oversized sweats (long hair should be tied back or pinned up neatly)

    Students may perform in dance shoes or bare-footed



    Students should come prepared to sing a few verses from an age-appropriate song suited for their voice range

    Students may bring their own music device (charged or with fresh batteries) with music cued to the starting point, sheet music and/or own accompanist

    Singing a capella is not recommended