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Critical Response Team

  • Deputy Chief Timothy J. Anderson
    Executive Team Commander
    (213) 202-4510

    In 1996, the Los Angeles School Police Department formed its first Critical Response Team (CRT) as a warrant service and dignitary protection entity. Today the mission of the Critical Response Team has grown due to a steady increase of school shootings, workplace violence, and growing concerns of terrorist threats throughout the United States.  The focus of the CRT is service-based by supporting, assisting, and training LASPD personnel in their role as first responders to critical incidents, which affect the safety of the students and staff of the Los Angeles Unified School District.


    The CRT provides LASPD personnel with advanced training and tactics in areas such as Immediate Action Rapid Deployment (IARD) for active shooters, Multi-Assault Counter-Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC), and Mobile Field Force (MFF)/crowd control, etc. The CRT also works with the LASPD K-9 Unit in high risk searches and assists the LASPD Detective Unit in serving search warrants.  The CRT also provides mutual aide assistance to our various law enforcement partners during unusual occurrences.


    The assignment to CRT is ancillary to the primary duties of LASPD personnel. To be selected for the CRT, LASPD personnel must undergo a rigorous series of qualifications (e.g., physical agility, shooting qualification, practical assessments, etc.). 


    The dedicated members of the CRT have an extensive background in teaching and training personnel and they are committed to supporting and developing the men and women of the LASPD who are the first responders during a crisis to protect the students and staff of the LAUSD.    
    Lieutenant Lyndon Cullen
    Team Commander
    Sergeant Daniel Arambulo
    Team Leader 
    Sergeant Oscar Soto
    Team Leader