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LASPD Professional Standards Unit

  • Lieutenant Leticia Castaneda
    Commanding Officer
    125 N. Beaudry Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90012 
    (213) 202-8644
    The Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD), Professional Standards Unit, is an internal administrative investigations unit staffed with personnel who report to the Lieutenant of Investigative Services Division (ISD), and the Commanding Officer, Administrative Services Bureau (ASB).
    LASPD Professional Standards unit is responsible for investigating complaints that are received from members of the school-community concerning the performance, demeanor, and behavior of police personnel.
    The Professional Standards unit also conducts internal investigations concerning violations of department policy and criminal law that are reported by police personnel. The Professional Standards Unit investigates risk management issues and other crucial incidents of significant concern to include, but not limited to department policies and functions.
    The unit works in cooperation with the City and District Attorney's office and reviews matters of civil liability for the police department and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).
    The department recognize that the mere operation alone of any law enforcement agency may cause concern prompting a complaint of misconduct. We recognize that the public's trust in our department is vital to our success.
    That said, it is our agency's assurance that every complaint of personnel misconduct receive full attention and a review by our management team. All complaints are quickly and thoroughly investigated and appropriate measures are taken to ensure the professional conduct of our police personnel.
    LASPD's Professional Standards unit, is a fact finding entity, and its sole purpose is the protection of the public, students, staff, and administrators, along with protection of the department and employees.